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Episode 0:The host

ZePad1(while hosting object survivor):Hello and welcome to object survivor,I'm your host ZePad,and this is object survivor,a show where 18 contestants compete for a tresure


ZePad1:ZP2,get out of here,this is my show

ZePad2:But I wanna co-host it.

ZePad1:You are dumber than a stick,you do not know how to host,you haven't hosted for 2 years

ZePad2:But I wanna co-host

ZePad1:Get out!



ZePad2:That won't work

ZePad1:DIE!(hits ZePad2 with  Fist Thingy)

(ZePad2 wakes up in a dump and finds a key)

ZePad2:hmm,a letter(reads it)this is the key to everything,ahaI will have my own show,and the prize will be a key to anything,anything you want,even the criminal room,we got it.You can recommend up to 4 charcters to be in this shiw,goodbye and goold luck,I just need 20 contestants

Episode 1:A Dump,and 20 contestants,just what we need

ZePad2:Hello and welcome to a Key to Everything,this is a show where 20 contestants compete for this key that open for everything,let me show you around,you see,this is where they will be staying,this is the elimination area,each time when a contestant is eliminated,they will have to take the truck of sadness home,lets meet our 20 contestants

(out came out a glass of apple juice)

ZePad2:Welcome Apple Juice

AJ:Call me AJ,Imma be better then that glass of Orange Juice this season,who knows >:)

ZP2:Next is Myserious Token

(Mysterious Token walks by looking annoyed)


AJ:Whats up dude

Mysterious Token: |:(

ZP2:Now we have Can

Can:Hope to make friends,as long as their not mean

ZP2:We have RB now

Rubber Ball:You have my safety contract incase I pop

ZP2(holds it):Yep,next we License

License:What if we get pelted,what if we get eaten by bears,what if we die!

ZP2:Calm down,We're in a dump,nothing bad can happen,next we have Glassy

Glassy:We're are we

ZP2(slipped mind):Idk

Can:We're in a dump

ZP2:Oh yea,now we have lemonade

Lemonade:well,I have a 20.55 chance of winning this show,and I have a 5.21 chance of being eliminated first,and I have a 15.61 chance of making it darther

ZP2:Enough blabber,lets meet Cherry

Berry:Its Berry,not cherry,I don't taste like a cherry!

ZP2:Go over there

Everyone except Berry and ZePad2:.....

(cricket sound plays)

ZP2: |:( anyway we have Smoke

Smoke:Make me angry and I'll kill you!

ZP2:Good thing your a smoke bomb,next we have Minty

Minty:I'm scared

ZP2:No need to worry,scaredy cat!

Minty:aaaah!(runs to where the rest are)



(Soke high fives AJ)

ZP2:Next we have Mario Cap

Mario Cap:Imma clean your pipes(hits smoke on the arm with a hammer)

Smoke:Oh yeah Imma hit your sorry M!(Smoke beats up Mario Cap)

ZP2:Next we have Ball

Ball:Hey yall

Rubber Ball: <3

Ball:Whats up guys

Rubber Ball:hi,I'm Rubber Ball


ZP2:Now we have Igloo


(everyone except Mario Cap and Smoke laughs)

ZP2:Way funny,next we have Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter(falls to ground):ow!

ZP2:Next is Telly

(Telly walks and hisses at ZP2)

ZP2:ugg,next we have Kit Kat

Kit Kat:Hi

(smoke stops fighting with Mario Cap and pushes him)

All boys except Rubber Ball: <3

Smoke:Hi,I'm Smoke,your pretty

Kit Kat:Thanks

ZP2:Next is Wii-u and Wiimote

Wii-u:We're the coolest people in the world,right Wiimote


AJ:Think again

(Smoke and AJ high fives each other again)

ZP2:next we have Phonebook

Phonebook:I nkow your number

ZP2:uhhhhh,finally we have blue Gelatin

Blue Gelatin:You said this is the mall!!!!

Telly:Yeah,the mall of dump you spoiled brat!

(Blue Gelatin pushes Telly into dirty water)

ZP2:Now to the 1st challenge,the first challenge is to grab one of the medal up the trash moutain,first 3 to get one becomes team captain and gets to choose,ready go!

Smoke:I can help you get across

Kit Kat:Sure

(Smokes kicks Kit Kat to the top and she catches the medal)

Kit Kat:Thanks Smoke,I owe you one(falls)

(Smoke trys to catch her,but he explodes)

Mario Cap:I can't see with the smoke in the way(falls)

AJ:I hate you because you act like OJ

Lemonade:Well I hate you more for being an idiot

(Mario Cap falls and shatters them)

Mario Cap:I'm okay

(trash falls and shatters him)

Blue Gelatin:There is no way I'm climbing that junk,it will make me dirty

Telly:Shut up you idiot!(kicks Blue Gelatin into mud)

Blue Gelatin:great,now I'm wet

Telly:First confessional,well,I'm glad to push that Blue idiot into the mud'

Blue Gelatin:I hope Telly is the first one gone,he deserves it

Berry:I got the second medal

ZP2:Only 1 left

Wii-u:Got it

ZP2:So Kit-Kat,Berry,and Wii-u are team captains,so Kit Kat can choose first

Kit Kat:I choose Smoke


Berry:I choose Phonebook

Wii-u:I choose Wiimote

(Wiimote high fives Wii-u)

Kit Kat:I choose Ball

ball:Yay! :D


Wii-u:Igloo,he's useful in challenges sometimes

Igloo:Thanks,you won't regret it

Kit-Kat:hmmm,I choose Rubber ball

Berry:Mysterious Token

Mysterious Token:.....



Blue gelatin:Kit Kat you better choose me or else!

Kit-Kat:Fine,I choose Blue Gelatin



Wii-u:Peanut Butter

ZP2:So that means Glassy,Minty,Mario Cap,Telly,and License we're teamless,but I have a special surprise,only 2 will be teamless,thats right,your gonna vote for 3 to stay,the one with the most votes will join Kit Kat's team,the one with the second most votes will join Berry's team,and the one with the third most votes will join Wii-u's team,the 2 with the least votes will take the truck of sadness home,voting ends on the 19th,episode will come on the 20th

Episode 2:A debut already?

Spatula:Breakfast time!Every time before elimination and after challenges,you guys will be served foods

(Spatula gives everyone trash,litterly)

Igloo:Do you have any nachos,cause I loooove nachos!

Spatula:Okay,I'll get my best kind(gives Igloo rotton nachos)

Igloo:Well,its rotton,but what the heck

AJ:Why couldn't ZePad1 just send ZePad2 to Golden Corral or Object Sity,or to a plane

Blue Gelatin:Or the mall

Telly:Well I'm glad he didn't take uus to the mall sweet stuff

(Blue Jelly punches Telly)


(theme song)

Telly:Theme songs are stupid

ZePad2:Whatever,its time for elimination :D,welcome to elimination,if you are safe,you will recieve a rotton gelatinwe got 3 votes,come on |:(,anyone,first person joining Kit Kat's team is.....

Blue Gelatin:Don't let it be Telly

Telly:Don't let me join the team



ZePad2:Second person joining the team is........Minty

AJ:Glad to not have the wimpy girl on my team




ZePad2:Final person joining is....

Mario Cap:D:>


License Plate::C

ZePad2:Mario Cap!Glassy and License Plate are eliminated

Glassy:Better do something before I am eliminated,you forgot I was eliminated

ZePad:huh,who was eliminated?

Glassy:uuuh,License Plate and Mario Cap are

ZePad2:So Mario Cap and License Plate are eliminated,go to the truck of sadness

  • License Plate goes in the truck of sadnes*

Mario Cap:Wait,you're a making a mistake,Glassy was eliminated

ZePad2:Shut up!*kicks Mario Cap to truck of sadness*So now we have our final 18.

Gum Bally:oooh can I debut?


Gum Bally:Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease


Gum Bally:Yay!

ZePad2:So,the next challenge is a key hunt.there are 3 keys,and their is 1 treasure chest,the winning team will get Gum bally on their team,GO!

Blue Gelatin:So.heres our plan

Telly:Our plan,yeah right,you're not team captain,Kit Kat is

Blue Gelatin:Well Kit Kat told me to do this(slaps Telly into mud)


Rubber ball:Wow Blue Gelatin,stop being so bossy

Blue Gelatin:SHUT UP!(slices Rubber ball in half)

Smoke:Ugg,lets recover them(uses mini hand power recovery center to recover Rubber Ball and Telly)

Telly:I hate being on this team

Berry:So I can use my KPS(Key Positioning system)

Can:Okay Cherry

Berry(slaps Can):Its Berry not Cherry!

Can:Okay okay gosh |:|,

Lemonade:What are you wating for?Use it!

Berry:Okay,okay(uses KPS)

KPS;Nearest key,in the mud pit

Berry:Thanks KPS

KPS:NP,btw you owe me something,2 things

Berry:Oh yeah(gives him a kit kat and 50 cents)

Berry:So who here can swim in the mud pit

Lemonade:I can't

Phonebook:I'll get myself too soggy

Minty:And I'm too afraid


Can:I can do it

(Can swims in the mud to find the key and found it)

Can:Found it!

Everyone on team Berry:Yeah!

Telly:I found the key!Its on the other side of the mud pit,but theres a mud monster

Mud monster:RAAAAR!(sees Blue Gelatin and falls in love with her)

Blue Gelatin:What are you looking at creep

(Mud moxter grabs her and brings her back to the mud pit)

(Ball swims to the otherside,get the key,goes back and high five Rubber Ball)

AJ:Well,we need to find the third key

Wii-U:I can download the key

AJ:Why didn't you say that in the first place!

Wii-U:You didn't ask me


(Wii-u download the key)

Telly:Wait,how are we suppose to get her back?

Kit Kat:Well we can lit the mudpit on fire with my lighter and kill her,then recover her with the mhprc

Telly:Okay(putting lighter close to the mud)This is revenge for all the bad stuff you done to me(burns the mud pit)

Kit Kat:Great(recovers her)

Blue Gelatin:Finally


ZePad2:So now lets see which key opens to the tresure chest

AJ(trys to open it,but it doesn't work):Ugg you moron(smacks Wii-u)It doesn't work


Berry:(trys to open it but it does'nt work either):Awwwww

Telly:So I guess we might win,I'm scared...


Telly:Fine bossy bot(Telly opens it,and it shows food)

Telly:Wow we won!

ZePad2:Yes you do,you get Gumbally on you're team,not only that,you'r second reward is you get to eat these food

Everyone on team Kit Kat:Yaaaay!

ZePad2:As for you two team,you both are up for a double elimination,but only vote for 1,the one with the most votes on each team will be eliminated,btw,here are the people you can vote for


Mysterious token








Peanut Butter


or Wii-u to be eliminated

ZePad2:Voting ends on the 7th,episode 3 comes on the 8th(maybe)

Telly:Yummy food

Kit Kat(Eats a kit kat cake):Ikr

Blue Gelatin:it Kat!No Cannibalism on the team!

Kit Kat:Whatever(rolls eye)

Pretty long huh?

Episode 3:An eating contest

Telly:Hurry up BG,its been two hours!

Blue Gelatin:Not my fault,every Gelatin needs lots of food

Telly:Yea well no one cares

(Blue Gelatin slaps Telly)


(theme song)

Telly:They're still stupid

ZePad2:Grrrrrr,so anyway,welcome to elimination,we got 1 vote -_-,people,I've been getting few votes,if we don't get 5 votes or more,then this show is cancelled,so,ummm,everyone on team AJ is in danger,cause somebody got that one vote,and that person was....

Everyone on team AJ: D:


Wii-U:What!?Wiimote,before I go,I just wanna say,never!*truck of sadness drives*

Wiimote:Never what?I don't get it

Berrry:So no double elimination?

ZePad2:Actually,it is,team Kit Kat is voting for one to  be eliminated on team Berry

Telly:hmmm,I vote Mysterious Token,he doesn't talk much which really annoys me

Mysterious Token:......

Smoke:I vote Minty,shes annoying and a scaredy cat

Blue Gelatin:Yea Minty

Rubber Ball:I vote Phonebook because shes annoying

Kit Kat:Me too

Ball:So do I

Gum bally:Me too,also,buy a pear!!!!!

ZePad2:So Berry,Can,Lemonade are safe with 0 votes,Mysterious Token is safe at 1 vote,Minty is safe at 2 votes,and Phonebook is eliminated at 4 votes

Phonebook:what what what?!Well,I know the number to this dump,so I'll be back(truck of sadness drives away)

Blue Gelatin:So whats the next-

Can:Get out you get to much screentime!\

Can:Wow,no one said a confessional in a long time,anyway,blue gelatin does get too much screentime,so she needs to GTFO

Glassy:Ok,so maybe I unfairly gotten myself safe,but there was no way I'm getting eliminated

Rubber Ball:Derp :3

ZePad2:The next challenge  is to eat as many cookies as you can,last team to do it loses,GO!

due to lazyness,Team Berry won and team Kit Kat were up for elimination

ZePad2:So vote either Rubber Ball,Ball,Kit Kat,Smoke,Blue Gelatin,Telly,or Gum Bally to be eliminatedvoting ends on the 16th,episode 4 will come on the 18th

Glassy:So um....



Episode 4:The cooking contest

Gumbally:Pears,Pears,Pears,I wish to marry you

Kit Kat:Hey Gumbally,whats up?

Gumbally:Oh nothing,just talking about pears

Kit Kat:So ummm,wanna be friends?

Gumbally:OMG Yes!!! :D

Kit Kat:So what do you wanna talk about?

Gumbally:Who do you think will be eliminated?

Kit Kat:I hope its either Blue Gelatin or Telly

Gumbally:I agree,they are both annoying and useless to the team

Blue Gelatin and Telly:HEY!!!!!!

(Intro plays)



ZePad2:Anyway lets get to the elimination,we got 0 votes,AW COME ON!!!!!So instead the eliminated contestants will be voting,and one of them may rejoin


ZePad2:But lets get to that later

Liscence Plate:I vote Gumbally because I don't know her

Mario Cap:Normally I would vote for Glassy but shes not on this team so I vote Smoke >:)

Smoke:Gr....*tries to slap Mario Cap but misses and slaps himself*

Mario Cap:Ha ha >:D

Wii-u:I vote Blue Gelatin because shes annoying and bossy

Blue Gelatin:>:(

ZePad2:Phonebook,your vote holds it all,Kit Kat,Telly,Ball,and Rubber Ball are garenteed to be safe

Phonebook:hmmmmm...well I vote Gumbally because she unfairly debuted >:D

ZePad2:So Kit Kat,Telly,Ball and Rubber Ball are safe at 0 votes,Blue Gelatin and Smoke are safe at 1 vote,and Gumbally is eliminated with 2 votes


Kit Kat:Just when me and Gumbally became friends

ZePad2:But I have a surprise,someone cheated in the first elimination and that person was.....Glassy

Glassy:WHAT!Why me

ZePad2:You made sure I forgot about the elimination just so you can be safe,and Mario Cap rejoins because he was suppose to be on Aj's team,so goodbye Gumbally and Glassy

*Every eliminated contestant goes to walks into the truck of sadness*

AJ:Awww man I liked it better when Glassy was here

ZePad2:Time for the next challenge everybody

Lemonade:And what is the next contest

ZePad2:Its a cooking contest


ZePad2:Yep,its a combination on lunch,dinner,and desert,I went out to get a truckload of food,it was exspensive but whatever.Anyway,3 2 1 GO!!!

Berry:Okay team,its pretty obvious we should just mix the lunch and dinner together

Can:Okay but what should be the meal?

Berry:A Bacon sandwhich and Macoroni and cheese

Team Berry: :O

AJ:So our lunch will be a taco,our dinner will be Dorritos,and the desert will be a sundae

Wii-mote:Who made you team captain?

AJ:I did so get working!

Blue Gelatin,so I'll decide the foods

Telly:Why you?

Blue Gelatin:I'm the best here

Telly:You know what?I had it!You've been a jerk and its time for you to pay!

*Telly starts beating up Blue Gelatin*

Kit Kat:Should we help them?


*Telly starts carry Blue Gelatin over the shredder and starts shredding her*


Telly:Shut up and help me!

Blue Gelatin:You idiot stop this or I'll kick you,ahh!My legs!Well I'll slap you!My arms!

Kit Kat:Make sure to aim for the mouth

Smoke:That already happened,she has no mouth :D

Blue Gelatin:>:

Berry:So what?

Lemonade:We wait

AJ:So we're done with our taco


AJ:Igloo we're gonna serve our taco now,stay here and watch the food,and DON'T eat the dorritos

Igloo:I won't

*Peanut butter,Wii-U,AJ,and Mario Cap leave to present the taco*

Igloo:Hey there Mr.Dorritos,whats that,your lonely,well I guess one chip won't hurt

*Igloo grab a dorrito and eats it*


*Igloo starts muching down on the huge bag*

ZePad2:So whats the food?

AJ:A taco

ZePad2:*eats it*Well,Imma give it a 5/10 because its a little overcooked and I hate tomatoes and sourcream

Mario Cap:Oh

*walks back*

Everyone on team wiimote except Igloo:*gasp*



*AJ kicks Igloo out of the kitchen*


Igloo lands on a truck and fall*

Igloo:Geez,whats there problem

*Igloo walks back to the kitchen*

Lemonade:We're done!ZePad2,heres our food

ZePad2:Well I give the bacon sandwich a 5/10 and the macoroni and cheese a 7/10

Smoke:Crap,we haven't cooked anything!

Kit Kat:Well,me and Ball can present the desert while the rest of you guys can cook the meal

Smoke:Sounds like a good idea,do you guys agree?

Everyone else except Blue Gelatin:Yea!

Blue Gelatin:>:

Kit KaT:ZePad,we have the desert

ZePad:I'm pretty am sure that the desert is suppose to be serve last but whatever*drinks the smoothie*Umm...I give it a 2/10,it taste so bitter

Blue Gelatin:>:

Smoke:We should make lotsa spaghetti

Telly:The Mario reference,and the spghetti should be for dinner,and we should make cheeseburger for lunch

Rubber Ball:Well,its gonna take a long time to make it

Telly:Yea,so I found a microwavable cheeseburger and microwavable spaghetti

Rubber Ball:uhhh...ok

AJ:I guess we have no choice but to present the dorritos

AJ:ZePad2,heres the dorritos

ZePad:What the heck?!Its empty

Igloo:I'm back guys,and not exaxtly,theres one lieft,its right there

ZePad2:Its so tiny*grabs the piece and eats it*1/10 it taste stale

AJ:Thanks alot Igloo!

*team wii-u walks back to the kitchen*

Smoke:We're finished

*Kit-Kat and Ball walks to the kitchen and Smoke,Rubber Ball,and Telly walks out*

Kit Kat:huh,they're already finished

Rubber Ball,we present you our food

ZePad:That was fast*taste the cheeseburger and spaghetti but spits it out*yuck its disgusting 0/10 for both of them,so team Kit Kat is up for elimination,but I have a surprise,this will be another double eliimination

AJ:Come on with the double eliminations,theres to much of them in this show,and its not much of a surprise

ZePad2:SHUT UP!Anyway either team is gonna win,while the other team will join team kit kat for elimination

AJ:Yes!We're finished with our sundae

AJ:Here you go ZP2

ZePad2:hmmm,7/10,so in total you guys gotten a 13/30,Team Berry,you just need at least a 2/10 to win the challenge

Berry:Here you go,its a banana split

ZePad2:Thank Cherry

Berry:ITS BERRY!!!!

ZePad2*eats it*yum!I give it a 10/10!So Team Berry gets a 22/30 and they win,also they get a new member.the losing teams will face an elimination challenge so vote for either...License Plate

License Plate:Please vote for me,its not fair that I was the first one eliminated


Wii-U:Vote for me cause I'm awesome


PhoneBook:I still know your number

ZePad2:Thats still creepy Gumbally

Gumbally:Hey guys,its like me Gumbally,anyway like vote for me and I'll give you a pear,if I rejoin,I'll give each of you guys who voted for me 100 pears

ZePad2:And Glassy

Glassy:I don't deserve to rejoin,but vote for me though

ZePad2:So vote for one of these guys to rejoin the show,voting endson May 8th,episode comes around mothers day


Mario Hat:Who are you

Dr.Mario Hat:I am Dr.Mario and I a saving life(sings the rest of the song which is here:

Mario Hat:OkayI didn't need much of your backstory

Elimination Table


2.Mysterious token


4.Rubber Ball(

5.Blue Gelatin

6.Mario Cap








14.Peanut Butter


16.Kit Kat






IN=mean they are in the challenge

IN1=Means this person was suppose to be eliminated,but they used something to make them safe

IM=means they are immuned

OUT=means they are out

OUT1=This contestant was suppose to be safe,but was mistankenly eliminated

WIN=means they won

SECOND=means they got second

THIRD=means they got thrids

RE=means they rejoined

DEBUT=means they debuted


Team Kit Kat:Kit Kat,Smoke,Ball,Blue Gelatin,Rubber Ball,Telly,Gum Bally(eliminated)

Team Berry:Berry,Can,Mysterious Token,Minty,Lemonade,Phone Book(eliminated)

Team Wii-u:Wiimote,AJ,Peanut Butter,Igloo,Mario Cap(rejoined)Wii-mote(eliminated)Glassy(eliminated)

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