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" I think I know whats going on, you bought Dream Island, didn't you!" - Golf Ball
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Story Timeline:

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After:After SSO Part 2 (yet to be made)

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After the events of SSO, Dia, Mond and Diamond have been anticipating the future, after SSO was declared the last season of the SDO series. The Pandilla and the alliance, and the gang have been waiting for the moment. What's going to happen? The fanfic begins on July 7th, 2015, the day this fanfic was made. [1]

Character Icons (yet to be done (credit to certain users)

July 7, 2015

1. Pencil's clubhouse

Pencil/ (wakes up in the morning) I'm so glad we're free from SSO.

Book/ It's freedom![2]

Ruby/ Yay!!

Match/ Okay, so, what are we going to be doing, like, today.

Needle/ I think Nelson's gone to school. We're on holiday![3]

Nelson/ I'm here!

2. Outside Pencil's house

Pen/ I'm here today. (Presses doorbell)


Pencil/ That's gotta be Pen.[4]

Pen/ (walks through door) Hello Pencil! It's your birthday today, isn't it? I have a surprise![5]

3. The Pandilla

Sword/ What's up everyone. I'll be attending Pence-Pence birthday.[6]

Ceibo/ But Match?

Diamond/ I'm pretty sure after the scene where Sword reviewed he's a yankee, I don't think Match agrees on him now.

Sword/ Thank goodness. (Slaps Diamond)[7]

Diamond/ What was that for?

Sword/ I dunno.

4. School Report Card Day

Dia/ (plays with Mond at the back)

Mond/ Hehehehehehehe!

Dnamind/ What was that?[8]

Diamond/ So is it red or green?

5. Science Club in Goiky

Dr. Rafael/ Do not offend me anyone, I think this would make up for what happened.

Telescope/ Is that even a complexed machine?[9]

Dr. Rafael/ Oh by the way, where's Diamond, Iron, Ceibo and Sword?

Telescope/ I think they've gone to a friend's birthday.

6. Pencil's house, where they have her "birthday"

Pencil/ This is actually me unbirthday.

Ceibo/ Unbirthday?

Pencil/ Yeah. Have ye heard of an unbirthday?[10]

Ceibo/ Most certainly not.

Sword/ Well I'm pretty sure unbirthdays are different.[11]

Pen/ Um, what are unbirthdays?

Iron/ Well, unbirthdays are fake birthdays. But they're still celebrations.

Match/ Well, let's just like, continue the like, unbirthday.[12]

Book/ Yeah, I agree!


Sword/ What type of sudden change in expression was that?

Ceibo/ I dunno. Don't ask me.[13]

Book/ Who wants too (interupted)

Iron/ I have the perfect idea! We'll sponsor us as the Party Poopers![14]

7. Dnamind's Election as prefect

Principal/ With all prefects unfit, Dnamind O' Mond has been elected as prefect.

Dnamind/ Yes, I am. (bows)[15]

8. Pencil's house

Dnomaid/ I'm here! For the unbirthday.

Pencil/ Oh. Hey Dnomaid!

Pen/ Say Dnomaid, have you brought Dia and Mond?[16]

Dnomaid/ Of course I have not.

Iron/ Time to dance! On that radio, Ceibo!

Ceibo/ (ons radio)

Iron/ It's time to party![17]

Pencil/ No. We're going to dance to my favorite song!

Match/ Yeah, you should like, listen to Pencil, coz' she's like, better than you!

Ceibo/ (slaps Match)[18]

Pencil/ (dances to song with girls) C' mon guys!

Iron/ (changes the song)

Pencil/ Hey!

9. Dia's Report Card

Dia's tutor/ Well his results really have been getting better during the last quarter. He should deserve a green report card.[19]

10. Diamond watching TV

Diamond/ Let's on the TV.

(TV) Taco/ Hello everyone!

Diamond/ Wait, where's Helmet?

(TV) Taco/ I'll be replacing Helmet, who's going to a friend's "unbirthday".[20]

Diamond/ Ah ha!

(The Story of Dia's revival)[21]

Dia was always a good person. But one day, he lost his important memorial cells. Therefore, his friends have been trying to help him. He gained back the memory, and is now showing what he can do.

11. Pencil's house

Helmet/ I'm here!

(They do things for hours)

(Dinner) Pencil/ You guys can have a sleepover...(interupted)

Match/ No. Just no.

Pencil/ Whatever, you can sleep in the spare bedroom.

12. Midnight

Sword/ (wakes up) I'm gonna surprise Match with a fright! (Goes to her room)

July 8, 2015

1. Surprise of Demise

Match/ (wakes up)

Sword/ Swordie Groupa here!

Match/ (gasps with fright) What was that? I almost got a heart attack![22]

2. Science Club In Goiky

Dr. Rafael/ That's a negative! Just do it!

July 9, 2015

1. Challenge Area

Sword/ I have a bunch of people here. This is Battle for the Dawn. First challenge is an extremely uncomplicated test. Start now.

Pencil/ I don't know why we are here, but never mind.[23]


Sword/ Time's up! The scanner will now scan your results.


2. Results

Sword/ Now, let's see your results.

(Test results)

Tennis Ball:37/40

Golf Ball:39/40

























Sword/ You're surprised, aren't you? Diamond wins.

Match/ Well I just proved I'm like, so smart.

Sword/ Yeah right, you scored 24/40, which is a 60%, which is a D- and nearly a fail.

Match/ Ggr...

3. Real world

Pen/ What was that?[24]

Eraser/ I dunno. Maybe you just, you know...

Blocky/ (empties the rubbish bin into the water)

Pen/ Stop polluting the water, Blocky![25]

Eraser/ Don't be such an environmentalist, Pen. (litters Coke can)

Snowball/ Who needs to recycle these used-up bottles, just throw them into the water. (throws)

Pen/ Stop it!

4. Clubhouse of Awesomeness

Pencil/ Who wants to "rock"!

(Clubhouse releases smoke and everything continues over a time of 3 days)

5. Dia's oral presentation

Dia/ Let's go green, let's go green,

Stop this dirty act, just become clean.

Don't pollute, don't go littering

Don't be harmful, just stop polluting.

There are poor people, don't make them suffer,

Stop polluting earth and think about others.

Don't litter drinking cans,

Just recycle them don't throw them at lambs

Let's go green, let's go green,

Stop the dirty act, just become clean.

Polluting is bad, we should just stop it 

And not even pollute, not one little bit.[26]

Teacher/ There is a bit of weird things in there, but the grammar is good. The topic selection is interesting, it's complete, it rhymes. Good! I give you an 8/10.

July 11, 2015

1. Outer Space

(Too much carbon dioxide in the air collide with greenhouse gases)[27]

2. Pen in Canada

Pen/ This place is awesome!

Helmet/ Yeah it is.[28]

Pen then switch ons TV. Helmet goes to News Channel. Meanwhile, Diamond stands.

3. Florida

Diamond/ Time to do this!

Dia/ I love this beach![29]

Mond/ So cool!

Dnamind/ I know right!

Dnomaid/ Hey Dnamind, what would you do...

Diamond[30]/ Enjoy the beach!

4. Arguments

Presient Goikybama[31]/ (annoyedly) What you gotta say, punk?

Calibur/ Excuse me, what's up with all this stupid 8% taxes thing?[32]

Ex/ This is horrible man![33]

President Goikybama/ Excuse me, you can't tell me what do!

[Ex stupidly asks a question.]

Ex/ But where's our money gone then?

President Goikybama/ You know what? ....... To cut things short ...... Well ... You'll be sentenced to jail ...... For ne day.

(To be continued)


  1. So exciting!
  2. They're happy SSO is over.
  3. That doesn't make any sense
  4. Must have Jedi-mind tricked someone, huh?
  5. Even Pence-Pence forgot it's her birthday.
  6. Even he remembers.
  7. Wow.
  8. Sometimes Mond can be very weird.
  9. Yep, they're doing that again.
  10. Refers to Alice and Wonderland.
  11. Of course they are.
  12. Nobody can test Match's patience. She's way too impatient.
  13. Hehehehehe!
  14. Oh gosh.
  15. Yeah, it's been a year for him to be elected.
  16. This is an obvious question.
  17. Yeah it is.
  18. He's really angry.
  19. Yeah, suddenly Dia's been recovering from the incident. It's a long story.
  20. Yep.
  21. Don't get tired of reading.
  22. She doesn't use the word "like" because she was too frightened to use it.
  23. I don't know why either.
  24. Pen had a weirdly random dream.
  25. These days, people don't care about the environment.
  26. I made the poem myself.
  27. Yep, it's global warming.
  28. Of course it is.
  29. Of course, Florida is known for it's beaches.
  30. Some similar names eh?
  31. Get the word-play?
  32. Sword's elder brother.
  33. Sword's younger brother,

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