because tabbers are boring and my OCs are so great they deserve a list of them in a page like this.


Current number count: 44


Facts about these OCs.

  1. Cyan Ball used to be limbless, but was changed.
  2. Gramophone's body is recreated by Tophatperson in HTC.
  3. Crystal has her own object show, Crystal News.
  4. The last OC that Minh drew in MS Paint before moving to Powerpoint is Gold Bar.
  5. There are 7 different versions of Minh's Book.
  6. B is the first OC Minh made in a long time after making Minh's Book.
  7. Fone is a parody of MePhone 4.
  8. The best joke OC Minh created is Oshawott.
  9. Frame's body is made using the "Wire Frame" 3D option in Powerpoint.
  10. Saxofone is misspelled as Saxophone by many people. The reason Minh named him Saxofone is because he wants his characters to be unique.
  11. Minh's most viewed OC page is Fidget Spinner.
  12. Head Band's body is created by HoodieJoe.
  13. It took Minh 20 minutes to write the whole article in Newspaper's body, the bottom half of the page is filled with "Minh is an Oshawott".
  14. Everyone Ping is inspired by idiots on Discord everyone-pinging people for no reasons.
  15. Name Tag's body is created by TennisBallFan.
  16. Emerald Play Button and Sapphire Play Button are twins.
  17. Sapphire Play Button and Emerald Play Button are twins.
  18. Vo Anh Minh is inspired by people on this wikia creating pages about themselves with their face included.
  19. Hourglass is a co-host in Object Power and considered by Minh to be the best character body he created on Powerpoint.
  20. Stink Bomb's body is made when someone on Discord asked Minh to make a random stink bomb.
  21. To express Minh's hatred on GoAnimate, he created GoAnimate Book as an insult to it.
  22. Flowah is a recreate of Flower with a green stem.
  23. The most simple OC Minh created with Powerpoint is Ticket, with only 2 autoshapes, a plague and a rectangle.
  24. YouTube Play Button is used as a fusion to create Emerald Play Button and Sapphire Play Button.
  25. Yoyle Fries, claimed by Minh, is made from Grotatoes with Yoyle soil.
  26. Gumball is sadistic due to Minh feeling nostalgic at that time.
  27. Yellow Fanny's body is stolen because Minh can't do recolor.
  28. The OC that took Minh the most time to make is Goggles.
  29. Firework is Minh's first legless character.
  30. 30th OC is Minh's first unknown gender OC.
  31. The 2nd BFDI character recreated by Minh is Coiny, which is recreated into Simplistic Coiny.
  32. Minh's first clumsy OC is Package.
  33. Novel Book is based of Minh's favorite novel, Sans Famille.
  34. The only OC made in MS Paint that Minh used is Abstract Art.
  35. Cyan Coiny is Minh's 7th OC ever.
  36. Guillotine is Minh's first killer OC.
  37. Key's personality used to be an explosive guy, but was changed.
  38. Very Long Green Stick is the longest character ever.
  39. Monitor is made with a Powerpoint Clipart.
  40. The biggest project Minh had done is creating the body for Family Reunion Picture.
  41. Red Marker is the 1st member and the leader of The Recolor Trio.
  42. Cement Juice is the 2nd member and the brain of The Recolor Trio.
  43. Orangey Bracelety is the 3rd member and the brawn of The Recolor Trio.
  44. Drumstick used to be female, but this is now changed.

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