Credit to Rj3ful1 for the idea

So yeah

Anime Objects will compete in a Hurt and Heal

Tables goooooo

Oh yeah I think I will debut some more characters later in a contesttttt


Reimu Hakurei as Amulet

Marisa Kirisame as Witch's Hat

Sakuya Izayoi as Pocketwatch

Youmu Konpaku as Roukan-Blade

Cirno as Nineball

Hong Meiling as China Flag

Patchouli Knowledge as Spellbook

Remilia Scarlet as Blooddrop

Alice Margatroid as Grimoire

Yuyuko Saigyouji as Sakura Petal

Reisen Udongein Inaba as Suppository

Yukari Yakumo as Gappy

Aya Shameimaru as Tengu Fan

Komachi Onozuka as Scythe

Madoka Magica

Madoka Kaname as Ribbony

Homura Akemi as Grenade

Mami Tomoe as Musket

Sayaka Miki as Sword

Kyoko Sakura as Spear


Some Contestants Lives they have  Place and Finisher
Nineball 4 lives TBA/TBA

Witch's Hat

3 lives TBA/TBA
Pocketwatch 3 lives TBA/TBA
Roukan-Blade 3 lives TBA/TBA


3 lives TBA/TBA
China Flag 3 lives TBA/TBA


3 lives TBA/TBA
Blooddrop 3 lives TBA/TBA
Sakura Petal 3 lives TBA/TBA
Suppository 3 lives TBA/TBA
Gappy 3 lives TBA/TBA
Grimoire 3 lives TBA/TBA
Tengu Fan 3 lives TBA/TBA
Scythe 3 lives TBA/TBA
Ribbony 3 lives TBA/TBA
Grenade 3 lives TBA/TBA
Swordy 2 lives TBA/TBA
Musket 3 lives TBA/TBA
Spear 2 lives TBA/TBA

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