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Thefreesmarter bfdia asks TheEnderRo

Do you think Gum Bally should sing Adore You by Miley Cyrus?

TheEnderRo answers Thefreesmarter bfdia

Why not? : 3

Satanchu asks Thefreesmarter bfdia

Have you seen my object show? If so, who is your favorite character?

-> I have to admit, not really ... If you asked why ... I just did some research ...... Sorry! : (

Freesmarter asks Satanchu

Have you seen Part 3 of RFM? :)

Satanchu answers Freesmarter

Yep. I hope it gets finished soon. :3

The bestie fan, who everyone likes him (or not) and... oh, just shut up and say: I ask to freesmarter, Satanchu, EnderRo and anyone else if you want...

Do you want to be a co-scripter to Fighting Of Inanimateds (YouTube and official version)?

Freesmarter: As long as Jack's there! Just kidding! Sure! :)

Teh best fan: yeah, thanks, so, please, help me to find a great beginning for the first episode...

Satanchu answers Best Fan

Uhh, I don't think I can.

Elemental asks Satanchu

Do you have a favorite AI character? I know you are the creator and you might not have one, I was just wondering.

Satanchu answers Elemental

Yes. Whiffle Ball!

Cedricblocks asks Satanchu

I'm just wondering why did you choose my OC Carmex in the signups for Battle for the Diamonds

Satanchu answers Cedricblocks

Because I find her to be a good character. :)

TheEnderRo asks Freesmarter BFDIA

Did you like Episode 2 of Loca2? :)

Freesmarter bfdia answers TheEnderRo

Like it...? I LOVE IT!!! (But it needs more.... Ice, frost, Jack!!!)

Satanchu asks Thefreesmarter, best fan, TheEnderRo, and everyone else

Do you have an account on deviantART?

ElementalRaccoon answers Satanchu

Yes, but I don't do much of anything on it.

Jack's wife answers Satanchu

Nope... I'm not much of a tech artist.... I'm more of a doodler if you ask me...

TheEnderRo Answers Satanchu

Have? I live on dA :3

Jack's wife asks everyone else...


Jack: *shaking head with a very serious face*


My friend: I love him more so shut up!!

Me: No you shut up!!

{Instant catfight}

The best fan answsswwsers Satanchu

Nah! sorry, I prefer do videos or Scratchs projects...

Satanchu answers Jack's Wife

The best fan answs...whatever to Jack's ALMOST wife

Best fan: I'm maybe a boy, but I don't think he's cute

Freesmarter: *EXPLODING*

PowerPointNinja, if you were the first team captain in BFTOU, who would you choose? (from Yoyle Jefferson/WhaiJay)

Also send me a team name on YT. Around The World In 80 Days Adventure is out there! (talk) 17:26, March 2, 2014 (UTC)

Satanchu answers Yoyle Jefferson

And I sent you a team name. :3

AnthonyBFDI asks Thefreesmarter bfdia (Asked on: March 15, 2014)

When are you going to make an another camp?

Gameplushes8 asks the best fan of bfdi and bfdia

Without counting Computery and redstone,who is your favorite OC?

Garrmactad asks Santanchu

do you know about My Object Meyham or My Object Universe ?