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Episode 5a

  1. Workbook by Gameplushes8
  2. Battery by AwesomeBaseBall
  3. Divide by ElementalRaccoon
  4. Butterfly by Thefreesmarter bfdia
  5. Colored Pencil by TheACTUALBFDIfanevertoexist101
  6. Yoyleberry by Gogo67ify

Episode 5c

  1. Yellow Star by Gogo67ify
  2. Metal Bubble by Fsmarter (too busy to spell name correctly)
  3. Card by AwsmBB (same reason)
  4. Roundel
  5. Gas mask
  6. and Olive, both by RespectTheDisney5

Episode 6

  1. HAB by AwusomBazBall (hint: HotAirBalloon)
  2. Shotgun by Goga sixty-sevahn aifi
  3. Balancing Ball by RespectTheDisney5
  4. White Bomber by nadiya2000
  5. Napkin by Nicholas McConnell / Nmcconnell

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