Hey Guys I'm Apple The Host Of Battle For Golden Island 45 Contestants Will Compete A Golden Island It's Shiny, It's Hard, It's Special, & It's Bigger Than Dream Island But You Guys Have To Pick BFDI(A), II, OU, OT, OM, OO & BOTO Characters To Join My Camp But Please Those Are The Only Object Shows You Can Pick Out Of But Serisloy RC's Are NOT Gonna Join And When You Say What Character You Want To Join In My Camp I'm Gonna Judge The Characters By Random Order So The 45 Contestants Will Be Joining And Competeing But This Probabilly Will Be On Youtube But Not On This Wiki Well But Uhhhh Oh One More Thing You Recommended A Character On The Show But It Won't Join My Camp So Yeah But There Will Be A RC Debut I Promise A RC Will Join Only When The RC Debut Starts Okay Guys That's All And Sign-Ups Start Now And It Will Be Over At March 1 2014 Because I Think There Won't Be That Much People Signing-Up Here But I Think I Could Do A Sign-Ups At Youtube Hmmmmmm Just Sign-Up Right Now At The Wiki Okay So BBBBBYYYYYEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

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