Battle For Island Island was created by ToonPrince

Basic Info

Battle For Island Island is a camp with 33 contestants. The contestants are; Baseball, Fries, Bomby, Basketball, Gelatin, Saw, Ice Cube, Balloon, Coiny, Marker, Pen, Pencil, Match, Nickel, Cookie, Tear Drop, PaintBrush, Poptart, Balloony, Apple, Bubble, Remote, Tennis Ball, Salt, Pepper, Treey, Bow, Pin, Knife, Marshmallow, Pie, and LightBulb.


    In episode 1A, the challenge was to guess Pears (ToonPrince's) top 5 BFDI/BFDIA characters. The winner of this challenge was Cookie. Three characters were eliminated, and they were Treey, Pepper, and Salt.

   In the second episode of BFII, the challenge was to draw the character you picked for the camp. The character that won immunity was Balloon, and the characters that got eliminated  were Bow, Pencil, and Match.

   In the third episode, the challenge was to answer the following questions: 

Question 1 Who Are The 3 People That Rejoined In BFDI?

Question 2 Who's My Fave In Total Drama

Question 3 Who's My Least Fave In Total Drama 

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