Battle For The Universe is a Camp made by jaggerbug, it features contestants from BFDI and I.I. The host is Evil Window

Contestants/Token Holders

M.U.F.F.I.N Spongy:TheGokuthesaiyin WT IT RT Suitcase:95mikemc1 Eraser:misterperfectawesome Microphone:TheNo1TMEO Cheesy:DeeandEd Rocky:rjgamer100 Snowball:MsSpartaProductions Woody:ultraboldore72 Pen:rj3ful1

Team Universal Stars Needle:BOTIMaker1212 WT IT RT Balloon:Greig Robertson Firey:LegendRock649 Match:mojoguy109 Pencil:oguzkan1200Al2 Soap:PixelatedIndustries Tennis-ball:WhaiJay Bubble:Esden Grohe Ying-Yang:tylerbungard

The Dangerous Dwarf Ice cube:Jeelhu77 WT IT RT Flower:Happy Fat Leafy:bowserjr2215 WT  Lightbulb:BlueLucario98 Nickel:friesfan7844 Pin:levi cohrane Teardrop:TheElemental Raccoon Tissues:ToonPrince Trophy:mrkool641

Eliminated Table

Blocky:Dean Chinski 30th

Coiny:bladethe blade 29th

Golf-ball:biggdaddy1970 28th

Balloon:Greig Robertson 27th

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