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Portrait: Welcome back!

Professor: It's been a while and since i'm gonna be on a school camp and a leadership straight after I thought I should try get the chapter out.

Toothbrush: So should we start the ne-

Mint: PICKLES!!!

(Mint runs into the evil forest)

Toothbrush: Oh no! Mint will get killed in their on her own!

Professor: Well she won't be alone.

Portrait: What do you mean?

Professor: I don't care what you do, just get her back!

Toothbrush: But what about our makeup contest?

Girls: Yeah!

Portrait: I know! The challenge can be to rescue her!

Toothbrush: Fine, we can start the makeup later...

Portrait: So go! go! go!


Fanta: If we split up we'll find her more easily.

Garnet: Ok, let's split up...

Clover: ok, who has any ideas on how to get her?

Disco ball: Ehh, IDK...

Clover: Wait, are you eating a jar of pickles?

Disco ball: Uhh no?


Disco Ball: Someone get her off of me!

Clover: Portrait we found her!

Portrait: Great! Now onto the challenge!


Toothbrush: Now mint, don't run away like that ever again!

Mint (Crying): I'm sorry!

Toothbrush: Now we can start the make up contest!

Girls: Yay!

Boys: AWW!!!

Portrait: Uhh, toothbrush? I don't think any of the boys want to do the makeup challenge...

Toothbrush: All of the boys want to do it, (Yelling) DON"T YOU!?!?!?!?!

Boys: Uh, yea! Ok! Ok!

Black Diamond: No, Makeup reminds me of ruby...

Tongue: I thought you hated ruby.

Black Diamond: Uhh.... Yea! I do!

Portrait: Anyway, the next challenge is-

Toothbrush: A makeup contest!

Portrait: Umm, Toothbrush, there's a sale on lip gloss on the other side of the world.

Toothbrush: In paris?

Portrait: Uhh, Yeah! In paris!

Tothbrush: Great! All of us can go there then!

Portrait: Wait, what?

Toothbrush: I've got 19 economy class tickets for the contestants! And 3 VIP Tickets for me, you, and mint!

Portrait: Fine... Let's go...

(On the plane)

Amethyst: Pearl! Go get me a fanta!

Pearl: Ok!

Fanta: Let go of me!

(More coming soon)

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