Clover: The last person I pick is.......

3D Glasses: STOP!!!

Portrait: What is it?

3D Glasses: Incase I go I want to get an answer, Blueberry will you go out with me?

Blueberry: .......No........

Portrait: OUCH! That's gotta hurt!

Clover: I have pity on 3D Glasses, So I pick him.

3D Glasses: YES!!!

Portrait: That means Hat and Steven are eliminated!

Pearl: NO! STEVEN!

Amethyst: Do you like Steven?

Pearl: No, I just felt like saying that...

(Steven and Hat get flinged to the D.O.R.A)

Team Glitter Team Ponies Team Glamour Team Peace
Diary Blueberry Amethyst Clover
PS3 Megaphone Pearl Reversal Token
Black Diamond Garnet Computery iPad
Orange Ball Fanta Tofu Disco Ball
Tongue Rock Gold Pen 3D Glasses

Gold Pen: Umm, Portrait? What does D.O.R.A stand for?

Toothbrush: It stands for Dimension Of Random Acorns.

Portrait (Blushing): Oh hey toothbrush... When did you get here?

Toothbrush: Professor told me to host the challenge.


Tongue: I think you just bursted my eardrums!

Black Diamond: You're a tongue,You don't have ears...

Portrait: Moving on! Please let toothbrush explain the challenge!

Toothbrush: Thank you, Now this challenge is simple, Your team needs to run up the cliff, and 1 at a time a team member will jump in the water and try to find a key. There are 4 keys down there, and the last team to get a key will be up for elimination.

Amethyst: Umm... You lost me at simple...

Portrait: GO! GO! GO!

Diary: C'mon Team! We have to get to the top!

Black Diamond: Quit your wining...

Diary: No! Now keep on running!


(Black diamond pushes diary off the cliff)

Diary: Eww, I'm all soggy now!

Tongue: Just look for the key!

Diary: Oh, Right...

(Diary swims underwater)

Diary (Gasping for air): Ugg! I can't find it!

PS3: Quick! Let someone else have a go!

3D Glasses: Yes! We found our key!

Portrait: And team peace wins!

Black Diamond: What!? How did they beat us!?

Disco Ball: Because we have brains!

Black Diamond : Oh that's it, I"M GONNA KILL HIM!

PS3: Calm down! I think tongue found our key!

Tongue: Ugg, I got it!

Portrait: And team glitter comes 2nd!

Computery: Hurry up! Or we're gonna be UFE!

Gold pen: Well, I don't see you helping!

Computery: Well, I'm electronic, So I can't jump...

Gold pen:..........................................Oh....................................................

Amethyst: I got the key!

Portrait: And team glamour is 3rd! That means team ponies is UFE right now!

Fanta: Right now?

Portrait: Right now!

(BTW I use the randomizer to see who is eliminated, I don't decide)

Portrait: Welcome to the elimination you 5!


Portrait: Ok, so you 5 have voted 1 of your team members, now let's see... first vote to rock... second vote to megaphone... 3rd vote to garnet... 4th vote to pony?

Rock: Hehehehehehehehehe!!!

Portrait: And the final vote goes to..... Rock!

(this is what happens when you edit my pages with no permission)

Rock: Ponys! :(

Portrait: Who will go home next?

Toothbrush: What will the next challenge be?

Portrait: And will I ever ask toothbrush out?

Toothbrush: Umm.... What?

Portrait: Ummmm....... FIND OUT IN CHAPTER 3 OF BFWI!!!

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