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Episode 5 and 6 will be a 2-part special (horror) episode.

Episode 1: The Battle Begins!

Rainbow Dash: Hello everyone! This is a new fan fiction made by Bfdi is the best. 16 contestants will battle for a Doublemint gum!

MLG Glasses: OMFG that gum is really rare OMFG I want it!

Rainbow Dash: So, the contestants are: MLG Glasses, Dorito, Mountain Dew, Fedora, Geometry Dash Logo, Broom, Piano, Cyan Ball, Marble 1, Marble 2, Aquamarine, Diary of A Wimpy Kid Book, Toy Car, Pillow, Comb and Traffic Light.

Greg Heffley: Uh... I don't want to participate in a show where a pony is a host.

Diary of A Wimpy Kid Book: Shh... get back in my book, Greg!

Greg Heffley: Okay.

<Greg Heffley goes back into Diary of A Wimpy Kid Book>

Cyan Ball: Huh, I guess I'm the only contestant here that have a cyan color.

Aquamarine: Nope, you're not the only one!

Cyan Ball: Phew...


Mountain Dew: N0pe

Broom: FUK YOU

Dorito: H3y, d0n't m3ss w1th my br0th3r!

Comb: Hmmm... when will Geometry Dash 2.0 be out? I'm really hyped!

Geometry Dash Logo: Let me try to contact RubRub.

<69 seconds later...>

Geometry Dash Logo, he said that 2.0 will be in 4/20/2016

Comb: That's good to know!

Rainbow Dash: shut teh fuk up all

Traffic Light: I'm bored

Rainbow Dash: Shadap ur all UFE

Toy Car: w8 wot no wai


Rainbow Dash: shut teh fu-

Aquamarine: Huh, what can this button do?

<Aquamarine press the button>



MLG Glasses: I have $weg lel

Toy Car: No fuk u get aut

MLG Glasses: No fuk u

Rainbow Dash: OMG ur supposed to say "OMFG that gum is really rare OMFG I want it!"

MLG Glasses: Nope!

<MLG Glasses got stabbed by Fliqpy>

Rainbow Dash: Ah oh my god!!!


Episode 2: The Most MLG Challenge Ever!

Rainbow Dash: Okai, tiem fer eleminoitiain tiem

Comb: Oh, okay.


Rainbow Dash: So today we have 6 votes, too less that i crie ;-;

Geometry Dash Logo: wat a crie bb

Pillow: Ôi! Tôi mong rằng là tôi không bị loại! (Oh! I hope that I'm not eliminated!)

Rainbow Dash: Its okay Pillow. You, MLG Glasses, Mountain Dew, Traffic Light, Marble 1, Marble 2, Aquamarine, Cyan Ball are all safe!

<Pillow, MLG Glasses, Mountain Dew, Traffic Light, Marble 1, Marble 2, Aquamarine and Cyan Ball all gets a dirt cake>

MLG Glasses: 3w, wh47 15 7h15? (Ew, what is this?)

Coiny: It's my beautifully dirt cake.

MLG Glasses: W3ll 17 (it) 5ux

Cyan Ball: OMG its so delicious!

Rainbow Dash: So half of you are safe, and half of you are not!

Broom: Oh no! I'm in the bottom 8!

Rainbow Dash: Broom, Comb, Fedora and Piano are also safe!

<Broom, Comb, Fedora and Piano all gets dirt cake>

Broom: meh...

<Broom throw his dirt cake away>

Coiny: Hey!

Rainbow Dash: So its all down to the final 4! Dorito, Geometry Dash Logo, Diary of A Wimpy Kid Book and Toy Car, one of you will be eliminated!

Toy Car: oh my god am i safe?

Rainbow Dash: Nope! Dorito and Diary of A Wimpy Kid Book are safe with only 1 vote.

<Dorito and Diary of A Wimpy Kid Book all gets dirt cake>

Dorito: *nom nom nom* Give me more!

Rainbow Dash: lol no

Dorito: ;-;

Rainbow Dash: Geometry Dash Logo and Toy Car left! 1 of you are going home, well, not actually.

Geometry Dash Logo: So who is safe?

Rainbow Dash: All of you both get 2 votes, so its a tie.

Toy Car: So how will we settle the tie?

Rainbow Dash: The tiebreaker challenge is to split yourself!

Toy Car: What? That's impossible!

<Geometry Dash Logo split out Bfdi is the best's Geometry Dash logo>

Geometry Dash Logo: Yay I did it!

Toy Car: WoTwOtWoTwOtWoT???

Rainbow Dash: Toy Car, you have been eliminated!

<Toy Car got throw to the Torture Chamber>

Coiny: Haha that's my chamber! Everyday you will be torture by lots of different things!

Toy Car: What!?

<Toy Car got stabbed>

Rainbow Dash: So the next challenge is to count from 1 to 69, the 3 contestants that count the fastest will pick the teams! GO!!!

Traffic Light: 1, 2, 3, 4, 68, 69. There I win!

Rainbow Dash: Nope ur disqualified lel

Traffic Light: fuk

Pillow: Để tôi thử coi sao. Một, hai, ba... ỐI TRỜI ƠI CÁI NÀY KHÓ QUÁ TÔI KHÔNG LÀM ĐƯỢC!!! (Okay, let me try. One, two, three... OH MY GOD THIS IS TOO HARD I CANT DO IT!!!)

Cyan Ball: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69! Done!

Rainbow Dash: Cyan Ball has completed! He is 1 of the team captains! 2 spots to go!

<69 hours of stupid objects counting from 1 to 69 later...>

Rainbow Dash: So Cyan Ball, Broom and Diary of A Wimpy Kid Book will be choosing the team, so start choosing guys!


Rainbow Dash: Get aut

<Taco got killed>

MePhone 4: Hey!

Rainbow Dash: Get aut x2

<MePhone 4 got killed>

<Another 69 hours of stupid objects choosing some other objects to be on their team and naming their stupid team later...>

Rainbow Dash: So here all the teams:

Cyan Ball's Team (Cyan-tastic!) Broom's Team (The Magic Wizards) Diary of A Wimpy Kid Book's Team (Derp)
Traffic Light Dorito Fedora
Comb Mountain Dew Aquamarine
Piano Marble 1 Pillow
MLG Glasses Marble 2 Geometry Dash Logo
Cyan Ball (Captain) Broom (Captain) Diary of A Wimpy Kid Book (Captain)

Rainbow Dash: The second challenge is to die.

Cyan Ball: I have a knife!

<Cyan Ball stab everyobjects on her team>

<Cyan Ball kill herself>

Rainbow Dash: Cyan-tastic! are safe!

Dorito: Die

Mountain Dew: Die

Broom: Why are you guys saying "Die"?

Dorito: Cuz I'll die

<Dorito dies>

Mountain Dew: I'll die 2

<Mountain Dew dies>

Broom: Yes!

Marble 1: I don't want to die.

Marble 2: So am I.

Marble 1: Hey that ryhmes!

Marble 2: And I have a dime!

Broom: Dammit you two!

Fedora: I have $weg

<Diary of A Wimpy Kid Book push Fedora off a mountain>

Fedora: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

<Fedora dies>

Aquamarine and Geometry Dash Logo: Ah! Run! He's so evil!

Pillow: Ối! Chạy thôi! Cậu ấy độc ác quá! (Ah! Run! He's so evil!)

<Diary of A Wimpy Kid Book stab Pillow>

<Pillow dies>

<Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book throws a pickaxe which hits Aquamarine and kill her>

Diary of A Wimpy Kid Book: MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Wait, that's not how I usually act, I'm so so so so sorry.

<Broom kills Marble 1, Marble 2 and himself>

Rainbow Dash: Yup, The Magic Wizards wins! Too bad, team Derp is up for elimination! So vote for a member of team Derp to be eliminated, voting ends 23rd, September 2015.

Vote for a member of team Derp to be eliminated.

The poll was created at 15:54 on September 18, 2015, and so far 20 people voted.

Fedora: Wait, how will the "Random" option works?

Rainbow Dash: I will use to pick a contestant to receive a vote.

Fedora: k



Rainbow Dash..........Hasbro

Comb.........Ur mum

Geometry Dash Logo..........RubRub

Pillow..........An Unknown Vietnamese

MLG Glasses..........Ur mum

Coiny..........Ur mum

Cyan Ball..........Ur mum

Broom..........Ur mum

Toy Car..........Ur mum

Dorito..........Ur MLG mum

Traffic Light..........Ur mum

Taco..........Adam Katz Which He Sux

MePhone4..........Adam Katz Which He Sux

Mountain Dew..........Ur MLG mum

Marble 1..........Herself

Marble 2..........Himself

Fedora..........Ur MLG mum

Aquamarine..........The YOLOer

Diary of A Wimpy Kid Book..........Jeff Kinney

Pinkie Pie..........Hasbro

Boynedmaster (Bloopers)..........I don't care who the **** voiced him

Lightspeed15 (Bloopers)..........I don't care who the **** voiced him


Bfdi is the best


Bfdi is the best


Rainbow Dash

Songs used in this episode

Xtrullor - Supernova

lilbr - Death Moon

Dj-Nate - Center Of Existence

Darude - Sandstorm


Ur mum

Special thanks to

Bfdi is the best

Not ur mum


Cyan Ball: Wow! A slide credit! Also I didn't know that Hasbro works in this fanfic too!

Diary of A Wimpy Kid Book: Wait, how did you come back to life?

Cyan Ball: Using Pinkie Pie's Recovery Center.

Pinkie Pie: Yay!

Diary of A Wimpy Kid Book: O_o

<Diary of A Wimpy Kid Book kills herself>

Teh end.



<Fliqpy got stabbed by Coiny>


<Traffic Light watching the End Credit>


Traffic Light..........Boynedmaster


Traffic Light: Oh...

Boynedmaster: lol this show is mine!

Pinkie Pie: ._. Really?

<Pinkie Pie fed Boynedmaster with her cupcake>

Boynedmaster: Ahh I'm dying... help me my friends!

<Boynedmaster got teleported to somewhere...>

Lightspeed15: Okay!

<Lightspeed15 kills Pinkie Pie but missed>

<Pinkie Pie fed Lightspeed15 with her cupcake>

<Lightspeed15 got teleported to somewhere with Boynedmaster...>

Pinkie Pie: Who's next!?


Pinkie Pie: Oh... okay!


Episode 3: Who is The First Object Ninja Warrior?

Fedora: I'm ready to be eliminated!

Rainbow Dash: Let's just do the elimination here.

Fedora: k


Rainbow Dash: So today we have 10 votes, which is 4 more than the last time, YAY!

Pillow: Sao cũng được... (Whatever...)

Rainbow Dash: Here are the voting result:



Geometry Dash Logo

3 (30%)


3 (30%)


2 (20%)

Diary of A Wimpy Kid Book

2 (20%)


0 (0%)


0 (0%)



Rainbow Dash: Geometry Dash Logo is eliminated, but before that let's change the Random votes into contestant votes


Votes gives



Diary of A Wimpy Kid Book


Geometry Dash Logo






Rainbow Dash: Well, it looks like that Geometry Dash Logo is (still) eliminated with 4 votes, a new record!

Geometry Dash Logo: Well, goodbye everyone.

RubRub: No Geometry Dash Logo no!

Geometry Dash Logo: R.I.P me

<Geometry Dash Logo got flung to the Torture Chamber>

<Geometry Dash Logo got crushed>

Rainbow Dash: Ouch! That's gotta be very painful! Coiny strikes again.

Coiny: Yey!

Fedora: Top kek!

Rainbow Dash: Time for the challenge!

Eraser: Which is...?

Rainbow Dash: Get aut!

Traffic Light: Oh, I get it!

<Traffic Light get aut>

Rainbow Dash: No you idiot that's not the challenge! The real challenge is to get through the Ultimate Cliffhanger(*1) from American Ninja Warrior!

Comb: Wait, what?

<Everyone got teleported to Mt. Midoriyama, Stage 1>

Rainbow Dash: Oh, before you try Ultimate Cliffhanger, make sure that you've completed Stage 1 and 2.

Cyan Ball: WHAT???

Diary of A Wimpy Kid Book: #StopHatingOnJustinBeiberHeDidNothingWrong

Rainbow Dash: Wow you're crazy just do the contest.

Piano: Well, let's try this! It looks easy.

<Piano failed at the first obstacle>

Piano: Dang...

Rainbow Dash: It's okay, you can try again.

Pillow: Được rồi! Tôi đã thấy cái này trên TV, nó sẽ dễ thôi! (Okay, I've seen this on TV, it would be easy!)

Broom: You mean the show where random objects gone crazy when failed to win at the show and people made remixes of it?

<A scene from the show Pillow metioned shows up>

Pencil: I-I-I-I can do it-it-it-it!

<Pencil failed at the Half-Pipe Attack>

Pencil: D-D-D-Dang! S-S-S-Sh-

<The scene stopped>

Pillow: Tôi biết, nhưng lần này tôi sẽ làm được thôi, cứ tin ở tôi đi! (I know, but I can do it this time, trust me!)

<Pillow failed at the Half-Pipe Attack just like Pencil>

Pillow: MẸ K- (Fu-)

Levi Meeuwenberg: Hey look! What are those random objects doing?

Brent Steffensen: IDK.

David Campbell: Yeah me too.

Aquamarine: Oh, my, GOSH!!! You 3 are Levi Meeuwenberg, Brent Steffensen and David Campbell! I'm a big fan of you 3! Can I have your autographs?

Levi Meeuwenberg: Ehh, no.

<Aquamarine cries>

Dorito (Playing Geometry Dash): Yah c'mon Lenny Cube you can do it.

MLG Glasses: What are you doing!?

<Dorito got scared and fail down the water at the starting platform>

Dorito: Why'd you do that? I was about to beat Bloodbath(*2)!

MLG Glasses: The challenge is not playing Geometry Dash!

Dorito: Fine.

<Dorito get pass Stage 1 for 1 minute>

Dorito: There, I've pass Stage 1. Now I'm going to keep playing.

<Fedora fails at the Spinning Bridge>

Fedora: Why ;-;

<Traffic Light get pass Stage 1 for 2 minutes>

Diary of A Wimpy Kid Book: Let's work together all of us.

Pillow, Fedora, Aquamarine: k

<Diary of A Wimpy Kid Book, Pillow, Fedora and Aquamarine all got pass the Ultimate Cliffhanger>

Aquamarine: Yes!

Rainbow Dash: Team Derp from 3rd place in the last challenge now roses to the 1st place, wow!

Fedora: We know, right?

<Dorito also pass the Ultimate Cliffhanger>

Dorito: Woo!!!

Rainbow Dash: The Magic Wizards are also safe! Looks like that team Cyan-tastic! is Up For Elimination. So viewers, vote between Traffic Light, Comb, MLG Glasses, Piano and Cyan Ball to win the prize or be eliminated. Voting ends on 30th October, 2015.


The poll was created at 05:37 on October 25, 2015, and so far 12 people voted.


The poll was created at 05:37 on October 25, 2015, and so far 12 people voted.



Fedora..........Ur MLG Mum

Rainbow Dash..........Hasbro

Pillow..........An Unknown Vietnamese

Geometry Dash Logo..........RubRub


Coiny..........Cary Huang Which He's So Lazy

Eraser..........Michael Huang Which He's Extremely Lazy

Traffic Light..........Ur Mum

Comb..........Ur Mum

Cyan Ball..........Ur Mum

Diary of A Wimpy Kid Book..........Jeff Kinney

Piano...........Kevin MacLeod Because Y Not?

Broom..........Ur Mum

Pencil..........Micheal Huang Which He's Extremely Lazy

Levi Meeuwenberg..........Levi Meeuwenberg

Brent Steffensen..........Brent Steffensen

David Campbell..........David Campbell

Aquamarine..........Ur Mum

Dorito..........Ur MLG Mum

MLG Glasses..........SPAM MEAT


Bfdi is the best


Bfdi is the best


Ranbo Darsh

Songs used in this episode

F-777 - Deadlocked

lilbr - Death Moon

Darude - Sandstorm


Not Ur Mum

Special thanks to

Bfdi is the best

Bfdi is the best

Bfdi is the best

Bfdi is the best

Bfdi is the best

Bfdi is the best

Bfdi is the best

Bfdi is the best

Bfdi is the best

Bfdi is the best

Bfdi is the best

Bfdi is the best

Bfdi is the best

Bfdi is the best

Bfdi is the best


(*1): An obstacle in Stage 3 of Mt. Midoriyama. It has been confirmed as the hardest obstacle in the entire course.

(*2): An extreme demon in Geometry Dash, only Riot have beat it legitly.


Episode 4: To Win or Not To Win

Rainbow Dash: Hello suckers and welcome back to Battle for A Gum! Last time because of Cyan-tastic!'s terrible skills, they lost. So it's time to do the elimination!

Traffic Light: Right now? That's to quick! Give us like... 1 hour.

Rainbow Dash: Fine...

Cyan Ball: Oh geez oh geez oh geez I'm so scared!

Comb: Why?

Cyan Ball: I think that I might be eliminated! Because in the last episode, I didn't even participate!

Piano (Singing Deadlocked by F-777): Tuntatuntatun tatata tuntatuntatun tatata

Diary of A Wimpy Kid Book: Are you crazy?

Piano: Nobody calls me crazy!

<Piano shoots laser beam at Diary of A Wimpy Kid Book>

<Diary of A Wimpy Kid Book bleeds alot>

Diary of A Wimpy Kid Book: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH... Pillow call the ambulance for me pls.

Pillow: k (k)

<Pillow calls the ambulance>

<An ambulance arrives>

A random doctor: Quick everyone bring her into the ambulance she's dying!

<Everyone bring Diary of A Wimpy Kid Book into the ambulance>

Greg Heffley: No! Don't die Diary of A wimpy Kid Book! I need you!

<The ambulance leaves>

Pillow: Piano, cậu thật độc ác! (Piano, you're so evil!)

Piano: I'm so sorry, I didn't know that I can shoot laser beam! And now Diary of A Wimpy Kid Book is in the hospital because of me!

Broom: Uh oh...

Marble 1: What?

Broom: Look at the clock!

<Everyone look into the clock>

<The clock shows 1:59>

Marble 1: Yeah, so?

Broom: Today is June 9th, the day where everyobjects must go to the Statue Of Life to pray at 2 o'clock. There's only 1 minute left!

Marble 1: Oh no! I totally forgot!

<The clock points at 2:00>

Rainbow Dash: The time is up! It's time to do the elimination!

Broom: We needs to get to the Statue Of Life!

Rainbow Dash: Meh...

Broom: Are you crazy? If we don't go there and pray, for the next 69 days we will have a very terrible curse!

Rainbow Dash: What curse?

Broom: This show will die!

Rainbow Dash: Oh no! What are we going to do now?

Broom: It's too late m' girl, this show is dead...

Rainbow Dash: Maybe there's a way to change it! If we send a team to go to the Statue Of Life and destroy it before sunset, the curse will be broken!

Marble 2: I recommend sending team Derp to go destroy the statue because they're UFE.

Rainbow Dash: It's a great idea, but let's do the elimination first...


Rainbow Dash: So let's do this quick. We have 1, 2, 4, 8, 14 votes total. 7 likes and 7 dislikes. For the likes, MLG Glasses got 5 likes and he won the prize.


Rainbow Dash: So your prize is... uh... air because budget cuts confirmed.

MLG Glasses: Okay ;-;

Rainbow Dash: Now onto the dislike, Piano got 1 dislike, MLG Glasses got 2, and Cyan Ball is eliminated with 4 dislikes.

Cyan Ball: What? No! Please don't eliminate me, I beg you! I don't want to be torture!

Rainbow Dash: Well, There's an upcoming rejoin in Episode 7 so... just wait until then.

<Cyan Ball got flung to the Torture Chamber>

<Cyan Ball got zapped by a 696969696969V electric>

Cyan Ball: I shall have reve-

<Cyan Ball dies>

Rainbow Dash: Okay, now start going Cyan-Tactic!'ers!

Comb: k

<5 hours later...>

Comb: We're back!

Rainbow Dash: Woah, you're back! Now let's do the challenge!

Piano: Can we have another 1 hour break? We're so tired now...

Rainbow Dash: Oh well... fine I guess?

Piano: Yey!

<1 hour later...>

Rainbow Dash: Okay time for the challenge.

Piano: No plz give us another hour plz.

Rainbow Dash: k

<Another 1 hour later...>

Rainbow Dash: Okay the time is up time to do teh challenge.

Piano: Nu I'm not finished yet plz give me another hour plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Rainbow Dash: Nu.

Piano: Fine ;-;

Rainbow Dash: Okay the challenge is to spin teh wheel over there and if you spin on "Win" then ur team will win and the other 2 teams are UFE got it?

Mountain Dew: Ehh... no.

Rainbow Dash: Okay.

<Mountain Dew spins the wheel>

<The wheel lands on "Win">

Rainbow Dash: Wow The Magic Wizards win GG.

Broom: Yey I won because of me thx me guys.

<Awkward silence>

Broom: What?

Rainbow Dash: So the 2 teams Derp and Cyan-tastic! are UFE. But since I'm nice, s-

Comb: Ur not nice.

Rainbow Dash: Whatever I'll make a mini challenge between the 2 teams and which team wins the challenge will be safe.

Marble 2: So what's the challenge?

Pillow: Đúng vậy! Thử thách là gì vậy? (That's right! What's the challenge?)

Rainbow Dash: The challenge is to guess my first name (Fanfiction name, of course!)

Diary of A Wimpy Kid Book: Hm... Alexander?

Rainbow Dash: Correct! Wait the minute.... HOW ARE YOU HERE I THOUGH THAT YOU WERE IN THE HOSPITAL!?

Diary of A Wimpy Kid Book: Meh... it was no big deal.

Rainbow Dash: So the Cyan-tastic! are Up For Elimination again, so, starts voting everyone! Voting ends on Friday, November 13th, 2015.

Dorito: Why would you choose that day to end the voting?

Rainbow Dash: Because I can, also I love that day.

Dorito: Okay then, you're weird.


The poll was created at 14:42 on November 9, 2015, and so far 8 people voted.


The poll was created at 14:42 on November 9, 2015, and so far 7 people voted.

There will be credits soon...

Teh end.


Episode 5: Deathmageddon!

<A scene appeared showing Dorito and Broom being extremely panic because an object wearing a mask is gonna kill them>

Dorito: Oh no! What are we gonna do now!?

Broom: It's all over m' friend... we can't do anything now.

???: Time to die, my friends!


<Dorito opens the killer's mask>

Dorito: What? Is that... you?


Aquamarine: Hey Fedora.

Fedora: What?

Aquamarine: Come follow me.

Fedora: Okay.

<Fedora and Aquamarine entered a room>

Fedora: Woah it's so dark, turn on the light pls.

<Aquamarine flick the switch which opens the light>

Fedora: Ah... that's better. So what you're gonna show me?

Aquamarine: I just know something that is extremely terrifing.

Fedora: What is it?

Aquamarine: It's..... MAINCRA!!!

Fedora: Wait what?


Fedora: Woah what happened?

Aquamarine: That's the thing I'm going to tell you, it's called... alternative cuts.

Fedora: Okay.

<Rainbow Dash slammed the door>


Aquamarine: Actually we're not UFE.

Rainbow Dash: Okay so uh... sorry, heh heh. Still come with me and we'll do the elimination for the losers and I need you guys to SPAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!


Rainbow Dash: Okay so uh... sorry, heh heh. Still come with me and we'll do the elimination for the losers and I need you guys to spectate.

Fedora: Woah another alternative cut.

Rainbow Dash: What do you mean?

Aquamarine: Here I'll explain to you.

<69 seconds later...>

Rainbow Dash: Okay I got it, but still, come with me to the elimination area.


Rainbow Dash: So today we only receive 10 votes, damn.

Comb: Who won the prize?

Rainbow Dash: Not you of course, you only receive 1 like.

<Comb makes weird faces>

Rainbow Dash: And so is MLG Glasses, too bad.

MLG Glasses: WHAT!?

Rainbow Dash: Piano and Traffic Light left, one for you will win the prize for 4 likes, and that person is........................................

Piano: Who?

Rainbow Dash: PIANO!!!

Piano: Yay!


Rainbow Dash: TRAFFIC LIGHT!!!

Piano: What!?

Traffic Light: YAY!!!

Piano: Damn you alternative cuts!

Rainbow Dash: Spin the wheel to choose your prize, Traffic Light!

Traffic Light: Okay!

<Traffic Light spins the wheel>

<The wheel lands on "456,432,653,566,214,657,243,785,342,453,342$">

Traffic Light: YAY!!!

<Traffic Light got crushed by the money>

Traffic Light: Ow...

Rainbow Dash: Okay so it's time for a challenge.

Mountain Dew: What is it?

Pillow: Đúng vậy! Nó là gì vậy? (Yeah, what is it?)

Rainbow Dash: The challenge is to kill Arbi42gaming.


Rainbow Dash: Dang it! Another alternavite cut! The real challenge is to get into the mansion over there and survive.

Dorito: You mean the mansion that is haunted?

Rainbow Dash: Eh... no.

Dorito: Oh, okay.

<Everyone enter the mansion>

<The mansion's door closed>


Traffic Light: Ow my head stop it Broom!

Broom: k

Diary of A Wimpy Kid Book: This should be easy...

Rainbow Dash (Saying from outside of the mansion): Oh, there will be a group of six will enters and help you with the challenge, they are all fan-favourite BTW.

Aquamarine: Yay more famous ppl!

<The group enters the mansion>

Yin: It's so scary!

<Yin makes weird faces>

Yang: No! Shut up!

Rocky: Bulleh!

<Rocky barfs on Comb>

Comb: Ew... you can barf again now?

Firey: Bleh, why am I here?

Leafy: We are here to help those stupid objects...

<Leafy points at the BFAG crew>

Marble 1: Hey!

Marble 2: Yeah, hey!

Leafy: ...which their names doesn't end with a "y".

Firey: And who are you?

Leafy: What?

Bubble: Oh noio!

Bow: Omg a chair!

<Bow sits on the chair>

<The chair broke>

Bow: Meh, they were like, so last season...

Mountain Dew: Okay let's split up.

Piano: Yah that's a good idea.

Mountain Dew: Yah come with me Fiery.

Firey: What... did you... just called me?

Mountain Dew: Uh... Fiery?

Firey: Do you think that it's funny?

Mountain Dew: What?

Firey: DO YOU!?

Mountain Dew: Yes.

Firey: Do you know who I am huh you b****?

Mountain Dew: Yes ur Fiery.


<John Cena theme song play>



Mountain Dew: Woah woah woah calm down...


<Firey burns Mountain Dew>

Mountain Dew: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

<Mountain Dew dies>

A strange voice: Mountain Dew is out!

Pillow: Hả? Tiếng gì vậy? (Wha? What's that sound?)

Dorito: Oh my god it's too creepy!

<Dorito stabs Pillow on accidental>

Pillow: Tại sao cậu lại làm vậy...? (Why do you have to do this...?)

<Pillow dies>

A strange voice: Pillow is out!

Broom: Okay let's stop killing each other now.

Diary of A Wimpy Kid Book: Yeah, agree.

Bubble: Lemmoi toke a solfio!

<Bubble takes a selfie>

Bubble: Yoi, oi Loify, woit ore you doing?

Leafy: I'm filming for DumbTube.

Bubble: Whot ore you filmong about?

Leafy: Come see.

Bubble: Yoi.

<Leafy uploads a vid on DumbTube>

<Aquamarine opens DumbTube>

Aquamarine: Hey, there's a new vid in my sub box, it's from Dat Sweggy Leafy and it's title is "hw 2 kil boyned".

Traffic Light: I want to see it.

Aquamarine: Okay, come.

<Aquamarine opens the video>

Boynedmaster: F*** BFDI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!also f*** me mum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leafy: Bleh nobody likes you.

<Leafy stabs Boynedmaster>

<Boynedmaster bleeds a lot>

Pinkie Pie (Out of nowhere suddenly appears): CUPCAKE FOR EVERYONE!!!

<Pinkie Pie throws a cupcake to Boynedmaster's mouth and he swallowed it>

Boynedmaster: F***! Not f***ing again?

<Boynedmaster faints>

<Pinkie Pie kills Boynedmaster>

<The video ends>

Aquamarine: That... was... AMAZING!!! I'll like it twice!

<Aquamarine presses the like button twice>

Leafy: Hey!

Mountain Dew: Srsly let's split up.

Dorito: k

<12 minutes later>


???: Where's that stupid ****? It's time to kill people now!

????: Sry I'm late, just killed lots of ppl from B4ABU.

???: Shush, there's no room for excuses.

<The camera pan back to Leafy, Bubble, Dorito and Broom going into a room>

Broom: Well, let's lock this room and stay here 'till 6 A.M..

Leafy: Yeah let's totally do that. I gotta make another vid.

<Leafy tries to publish a video but failed because there's no Wi-Fi>

Leafy: Darn, do anyone have 4G?

Dorito: no

Leafy: :(

A strange voice: Yin-Yang is out!

Bubble: Oh noio! Yon-Yong diod!

Broom: Calm down Bubble, as long as we're here, there's no need to b-

<Broom saw a piece of paper>

<Broom picked the paper and read it>

Leafy: Huh? What does it say?

Broom: I don't know, I can't read it, the person who wrote it must be really stupid.


Bfdi is the best: *Sneezes* I think that someone just say something bad about me.

<The camera pan back to Leafy, Bubble, Dorito and Broom>

Dorito *Takes the paper*: It's a code.

Broom: A what?

Dorito: A code. I can't read it now, it might took a while...

Leafy: Yes finally there's Wi-Fi. I have to go to FazeBook and see has anyone disliked and commented on my post saying "#PrayForParis".

Diary of A Wimpy Kid Book: Hey guys!

<Everyone in the room got scared>

Dorito: Omg how did you get in here?

Diary of A Wimpy Kid Book: Whatever, can I join your alliance?

Broom: This isn't an alliance.


Piano: Oh my god, it's so scary!

<??? shows up>

Piano: What? Who are you?

<??? point a knife right at Piano's face>

Piano: W... what? Is... is that a... a knife?

<??? kills Piano>

A strange voice: Piano is out!

Bow: What ze heck happened?

Rainbow Dash: It's just a prank bro.

Teh end.

Episode 6: 

<To be announced>

Episode Guide

Episode # Title Challenge Eliminated
Episode 1 The Battle Begins! None None
Episode 2 The Most MLG Challenge Ever! Count to 69 and die Toy Car
Episode 3 Who is The First Object Ninja Warrior? Get through the Ultimate Cliffhanger Geometry Dash Logo
Episode 4 To Win or Not To Win Spin the wheel for it to land on "Win" Cyan Ball
Episode 5 Deathmageddon! Survive a night in a mansion (Which is a prank) MLG Glasses
Episode 6 TBA TBA None
Episode 7 TBA TBA TBA
Episode 8 TBA TBA TBA
Episode 9 TBA TBA TBA
Episode 10 TBA TBA TBA
Episode 11 TBA TBA TBA
Episode 12 TBA TBA TBA
Episode 13 TBA TBA TBA
Episode 14 TBA TBA TBA
Episode 15 TBA TBA TBA
Episode 16 TBA TBA TBA
Episode 17 TBA TBA TBA
Episode 18 TBA TBA TBA
Episode 19 TBA TBA TBA
Episode 20 TBA TBA TBA
Episode 21 TBA TBA TBA
Episode 22 TBA TBA TBA
Episode 23 TBA TBA TBA
Episode 24 TBA TBA TBA
Episode 25 TBA TBA TBA
Episode 26 TBA TBA TBA

Recommended characters

  1. Puppet - Little Young Unicorn (bleh)
  2. Garlic - NothingDangerous


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