Battle for Caramel World

No Title

Created by rj3ful1

32 contestants

Caramel World

Team New Team Reason for elimination 
Pizza- joaquint561 Legendary Pikachus  TBA  TBA
Mii U- thegreenskyofbfdi Optimistic Ostriches TBA  TBA
Test Tube- Austin Harris Optimistic Ostriches TBA  TBA 
Lightbullb- monstergamer20 Optimistic Ostriches TBA  TBA 
Coiny- loonetbird1234 Jiggling Juggernauts  TBA  TBA 
Needle- theawesomecoolstuff1 Legendary Pikachus  TBA TBA
Evil Leafy- elfireball42 Jiggling Juggernauts  TBA  TBA
Pen- misterperfectawesome Legendary Pikachus  TBA  TBA
Disco Ball- mojoguy109 Jiggling Juggernauts  TBA  TBA
Ruby- Spongy318 Powerful Fans  TBA  TBA
Cherries- TheOnlyBoxThatSubs Powerful Fans  TBA  TBA
Nickel- bowserjr2215 Legendary Pikachus  TBA  TBA
Apple- TacoBurger22 Powerful Fans  TBA  TBA
Knife- co1669 Legendary Pikachus  TBA  TBA
Gelatin- 95mikemc1 Jiggling Juggernauts  TBA  TBA
Soap- Happy Fat Powerful Fans TBA TBA
Marker- theelementalraccoon Optimistic Ostriches TBA  TBA
Fries- tetrisman griff Jiggling Juggernauts  TBA TBA
Marshmallow- hugatree343 Optimistic Ostriches TBA TBA
Eggy- Pokerox26 Powerful Fans TBA TBA
Hot Dog- Coiny13 Legendary Pikachus  TBA TBA
Pickle- Connor Spalding Jiggling Juggernauts  TBA TBA
Yin Yang- SuperNin10 Powerful Fans  TBA  TBA
Pin- matthewvp18 Legendary Pikachus  TBA TBA
Cookie- connor hogan  Jiggling Juggernauts  TBA TBA
Slurpy- Nicholas Sternes Legendary Pikachus  TBA TBA
Saw- SuperCDLand Powerful Fans TBA TBA
Tissues- GatlingGroink57 Optimistic Ostriches  TBA TBA
Book- taopwnh6427 Optimistic Ostriches  TBA TBA
Cheesy- Alexander Brezicky Jiggling Juggernauts TBA TBA
Toothy- PixelatedIndustries Powerful Fans  TBA TBA
Tennis Ball- WhaiJay Optimistic Ostriches  TBA TBA


Battle for Caramel World aka BFCW is a camp by rj3ful1 where 32 contestants compete for caramel world by competing in various challenges and voting eachother off one by one.

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