Battle for Dumb Bubble is the First Camp Made by ConCherokee,The Host is Needle's Replacement Box and  it's Begun 30th January 2013. So it's Time!


BFDI Characters(Reccomended,BFDI Again 22nd Character,Normal)

Inanimate Insanity Characters(Normal,Reccomended,Guest Stars,T-Shirt Submission)

Other Shows Characters and Reccomended Too(OM,OU,BOTO,AI,AM)


Reccomended Characters From BFDI:Emergency Button,1-346674737384783734783487 Billard Balls,Christmas Firey,Dead Leafy,Giant D,Giant I,Daffodil,Autotune,Shake,Gummy,Eliminated Contestants,Purple Face,Pen Speaker Box,Spikey Box,Green Pencil,Button,Bally,PennMap,Firey Jr.,Gumball,Nyan Cat,Mechanical Pencil,Robot Icy,Aqua Firey,Evil Bubble,Evil Match,Rock My BFDI,Lego Brick,Lollipop(Mine,Is like Lollipop but Red),Grey Balloon,Crayon,Shooting Star,Grape and Evil Leafy 3.5

All Flags of FFFFFF(Including Panama,Altay and Saskatchewan)

Flipnote Object Battle Characters:Speech Bubble,Emerald,Cone,Poop,Wave,Scissors,Drum,Christmas Tree,Brick,Dorito and Domino

Super Object Battle Characters:Sticky and Skateboard

Super Object City:Dollar,Rubik's Cube,Pumpkin,Door and Globy

ABOLFFSNR:Hot Sauce,Acai,Bubble Gum,Soap,Ice,Blackberry,Green Apple,Lychee and Cherry

BAGUETTE:Poo,Tangerine,Cement,Sprite,Strawberry Ice Cream,Fruitish,Cherokee,Lychee,Blackberry,Strawberry,Peach,Spikes,Watermelon and Green Apple

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