Battle for Gravity Falls is a camp made by legoboy127. It is hosted by Bally. The prize is Gravity Falls, a place where mysterious things happen.


These were the original contestants at the beginning of this camp:

  • Rainbow Pin (a rainbow-colored Pin)
  • TV (same recommended character from BFDI)
  • Pillow (same recommended character from BFDI)
  • Saw (same recommended character from BFDI)
  • Magnifying Glass (same recommended character from II)
  • Yoyle Pie
  • Eggy (same recommended character from BFDI)
  • Teddy Bear (same recommended character from II)
  • Taco (unknown if he/she is the Taco from BFDI or II)
  • Paper (same character from II)
  • Bomby (same character from BFDI/A)
  • Nickel (same character from BFDI/A)
  • Tennis Ball (same character from BFDI)
  • Pencil (same character from BFDI)
  • Laptoppy (same character from BFSC (Battle for Star Castle))
  • Candy
  • Rocky (same character from BFDI)
  • Blocky (same character from BFDI)


These contestants debuted in the game:

  • Bow
  • Book
  • Win Token

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