Battle For The Rugged Plains Is Made By AnimatedEps on youtube 

its known as BFTRP For Short

This Includes BFDI,BFDIA,BFDI recommends and Inanimate Insanity characters 


Team Elimation Status

Reason For Elimination/Rejoin


Leafy-Jake Reommelt The Sour Lemons Not Eliminated 
Gelatin-Goldenzoomi TCNRAGDWL Not Eliminated 


TCNRAGDWL Not Eliminated


The Prideful Eagles Not Eliminated
Blocky-No User The Prideful Eagles ELIMINATED Blocky was eliminated beacause he was up for resignups and nobody signed up as him.


Match-Ben1178 TCNRAGDWL Not Eliminated 
Teardrop-Taopwnh6427 The Prideful Eagles Not Eliminated
Pen-Principedorado TCNRAGDWL Not Eliminated 
Firey-colbyits TCNRAGDWL Not Eliminated
Book-BuildermanVSnotch The Prideful Eagles Not Eliminated
Pencil-Raytonlin1 TCNRAGDWL Not Eliminated 
Pin-TheJordehhP The Prideful Eagles Not Eliminated
Puffball-Tacoburger22 TCNRAGDWL Not Eliminated
Woody-ScienceStorm1 The Sour Lemons Not Eliminated
IceCube-tBlizzi The Sour Lemons Not Eliminated
GolfBall-Pwndyourfaceoff The Prideful Eagles Not Eliminated
Flower-SammyShinx The Sour Lemons ELIMINATED Flower was slacking off.


Grassy-Superstar70008 The Sour Lemons/TCNRAGDWL


Rejoined because he did every challenge and because alot of people liked Grassy.


The Prideful Eagles Not Eliminated 
Eraser-SuperCDLand The Sour Lemons Not Eliminated


The Sour Lemons Not Eliminated
Spongy-TheSimsBrothers The Sour Lemons Not Eliminated
8-Ball-GatlingGroink57 The Prideful Eagles Not Eliminated
OJ-MrMojoguy109 TCNRAGDWL Not Eliminated
Balloony-Matthew Nguyen  The Sour Lemons Not Eliminated

He wasn't a very popular contestant.

Eggy-Challengerobjects163 The Sour Lemons Not Eliminated
Bomb-Somony10 The Sour Lemons Not Eliminated
Dora-Babycakes123tdifan No Team ELIMINATED

Didnt do the first challenge.


Rocky-Jeelhu77 The Sour Lemons Not Eliminated
Ruby-Inanimate Madness TCNRAGDWL Not Eliminated


The Prideful Eagles Not Eliminated
Bubble-Jorrosa5582 TCNRAGDWL ELIMINATED Many people liked Bubble but Bubble never did any challenges. 33rd
David-SuperCDLand The Prideful Eagles Not Eliminated
Taco-Kalasi97 TCNRAGDWL Not Eliminated
Speaker Announcer-AnimatedEps Unkown Team HOST(cant be eliminated)

Not eliminated because cant be eliminated.

Grass Day

Rugged Plains


Challenge 1-The first challenge was to think of a camp name,so thats when battle for rugged plains came along.

Win Token: Taco

Revenge Token: Ruby

Immunity Token: Gelatin


Challenge 2-The 2nd challenge was to come up with a team name,and the people who come up with the best 3 names got a token and got to choose the teams. 

Win Token: Leafy

Revenge Token: Golfball

Immunity Token: Ruby

Eliminated-Evil Leafy

(This is the episode where speaker announcer's rivalry with spongy began) 

Challenge 3-The 3rd was a ice cream eating contest,the team with most icecream eat won,they just had to PM how much they would like to eat,but it was maximum 300 scoops for each team,so if the team eats more than 300,they're automaticly lose and up for elimination.

Win Token: None

Revenge Token: None

Immunity Token: None


Challenge 4.5-It was a rejoin oppertunity,so they had to vote a eliminated contestant back into the game,the team that had the most partipation won,the one that had the least lost. 

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