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Battle of The Most Hated 4A-001:32

Battle of The Most Hated 4A-0

This is an episode where there is a brand new design

Battle of The Most Hated is a camp created by rj3ful1 where in his opinion on the 16 (soon to be 17) most hated contestants from Inanimate Insanity and Battle for Dream Island (Again) Compete!

Contestants and Users

The 17 contestants are

Flower (theepicknick)

Snowball (taopwnh6427)

Fries (ThirstySkunk910)

Apple (ShinyStoutland)

Golf Ball (inferernapey2 used to be TheDomster900000)

Eraser (royceMJclinard)

Donut (J Smith)

Dora (TacoBurger22 used to be KillaXCool)

Salt (4everkirby)

Pepper (agdude6 used to be ToonPrince)

Knife (friesfan7844)

David (CommentingEevee)

Match (TheAwesomeYellow)

Pencil (jay28jay2)

Pin (MastaZangoosePM13)

Balloon (YoyleJefferson)

Yellow Face (MisterVictoriy)


16. Yellow Face (MisterVictoriy) No Team

15. Knife (friesfan7844) The Ffoam6 Bunch

David (CommentingEevee) debuts

15. Pin (MastaZangoosePM13) The Ffoam6 Bunch

14. Flower (theepicknick)

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