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He's bad to the bone.




Squishy Cherries/ Squashy Grapes

A Better Name Than That (BFB)


Red Building Block

Episode Eliminated:

Sweet Tooth (Episode 4) The Reveal (Episode 17)


18th, 11th


Pen, Eraser, Snowball, Match


Everyone (except Allies)



Blocky was a contestant on Battle for Dream Island. He was known for his reckless attitude and prankster persona, running a mini-series on Battle for Dream Island called Blocky's Funny Doings International.

In Battle for Dream Island

Blocky was one of the twenty-one (originally twenty) contestants that competed on BFDI. He was considered to be a secondary antagonist, as his recklessness towards his actions and his pranks had no real evil intentions, just for fun.

Blocky is also known for being one of three contestants who received a second chance on the show (the others being Flower and Spongy), and the only contestants who had the possibility of receiving a third chance to compete.

He was the third contestant to be eliminated off the show, receiving the most votes at six votes. He would later rejoin the show, receiving eight votes from viewers. He would ultimately place 9th on the show, receiving 112 votes, being eliminated nine episodes after his rejoin.

In the final rejoin of the show, he received only twenty-four votes from viewers, not rejoining the show.

Blocky got 239 votes to join Battle For Dream Island Again,which wasn't enough.He was the 30th popular possible joiner,including those dead or not there.

Fan Fiction

Battle for Nightmare Island

Blocky is a contestant on BFNI.

Human Names

  • Blake Astrauskas (Opinduver)
  • Robert "Bobby" Hansen (KittyFan2004)
  • Blake Brandon (NLG343)

Where Blocky is From

  • Torrance, California (moved to West Jordan, Utah at age 3)
  • New York City, NY (NLG343)


  • He was named "Red Blocky" in When Objects Work.
  • As confirmed on jacknjellify's BFDI's History video, Blocky's original name was "Building Block".
  • Blocky's eyes are still open when he sleeps (As seen on Take the Plunge: Part 1)
  • Blocky's mini-show (Blocky's Funny Doings International)'s capital letters make BFDI.


Names in other languages

  • Kockëdalë - Albanian
  • الزاوي - Arabic
  • Bucaq - Azerbaijani
  • Blokori - Bosnian
  • Bloco - Brazillian Portuguese
  • Ъгловати / Блоки - Bulgarian
  • Obstruido - Castillian Spanish
  • Obstruït - Catalan
  • 块状 - Chinese (Simplified)
  • 塊狀 - Chinese (Traditional)
  • Karirani - Croatian and Serbian
  • Kárový - Czech
  • Kantede - Danish
  • Plokki - Estonian
  • Kulmikasta - Finnish
  • Obstruer - French
  • Bloque - Galician
  • Blockig / Blocky - German
  • Χονδρός - Greek
  • Kockás - Hungarian
  • Blokki - Icelandic
  • Balok - Indonesian
  • ブロッキー - Japanese
  • ប្លុឃី - Khmer
  • 블로키 - Korean
  • Clausus - Latin
  • Stūra - Latvian
  • Kampinis - Lithuanian
  • Obstruído - Lusitanian Portuguese
  • Klumpete - Norwegian
  • قالب دار - Persian
  • Kątowej - Polish
  • Блочной / Блоки - Russian
  • Károvaný - Slovak
  • Bloqueado - Spanish
  • Kantiga - Swedish
  • బ్లాకులు - Telugu
  • บล็อก - Thai
  • Bloklu - Turkish
  • Блоковий - Ukranian
  • Blocky - Vietnamese
  • Blocog - Welsh