• Bokurei the Phantump


    October 15, 2017 by Bokurei the Phantump

    Hi, I'm Chris... LOVE ME 


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  • MrYokaiAndWatch902

    Ask Bubble Gun!

    October 15, 2017 by MrYokaiAndWatch902

    'cuz why not.

    Kabloom asks: How the heck are you named that.

    Bubble Gun: Wha.

    Duck Muck Luck says: If you read this you die

    Bubble Gun: Okay, so how will I die? I'm- (gets thrown into trash can)

    (sorry bokurei)

    Deathstrokey complains: You're dumb

    Bubble Gun: (sprays an overload of bubbles onto deathstrokey) (deathstrokey floats away)

    Deathstrokey: PLEASE!! I WAS WRONG! I WAS DUMB!

    Bubble Gun: Heh, I ain't dumb. I'm SMART.

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  • Blue Tennis Ball

    I'm gonna need some ideas for every badge name. I will update this blog when I find an interesting name for it!

    1 Edit -

    5 Edits -

    10 Edits -

    25 Edits -

    50 Edits -

    100 Edits -

    250 Edits -

    500 or more Edits -

    1 Picture - Take a Picture!

    5 Pictures -

    10 Pictures -

    25 Pictures -

    50 Pictures -

    100 Pictures -

    250 Pictures -

    500 or more Pictures -

    1 Category -

    5 Categories -

    10 Categories -

    25 Categories -

    50 Categories -

    100 Categories -

    250 Categories -

    500 Categories -

    1 Comment -


    5 Days - School-Week Overload

    14 Days -

    30 Days -

    60 Days -

    100 Days -

    200 Days -

    385 Days - Year-Round Overload

    Joining thw Wiki - Gah! Who are You? (detrieved from Set in Stone)

    Edit to Userpage -

    Edit to Talk Page - I'm Not Even Gonna Ask (detrieved from Rostrum Rampage)

    The Creator -

    1 …

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  • Infinityblade2005

    Alright, I'm Infinity, the wiki's only active bureaucrat at the moment. I think now is the time we can start having elections for rights.

    So you can sign up to be one of:

    • Bureaucrat (only allowed for current administrators)
    • Administrator
    • Chat Moderator
    • Content Moderator
    • Wiki Ruler

    Being a rollback is pretty pointless because rollbacking is identical to undoing edits, which anyone could do.

    Note: Any applications from current non-admins who apply for the bureaucrat job will be disallowed.

    • BrownFamily1108
    • Bokurei The Phantump
    • Nemolee.exe.
    • U4Again

    • Blue Tennis Ball

    Come 18 October, applications will be closed. If your application doesn't get disallowed by me, you will be one of the contenders for whatever job you sign up for. Then we will have a two week co…

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  • WubBass


    October 12, 2017 by WubBass


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  • Blue Tennis Ball

    I'm in the chatroom right now! Go ahead and talk to me on the chatroom!

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  • BrownFamily1108

    I'm very sad

    October 12, 2017 by BrownFamily1108

    I'm no longer an admin of the wiki, I'm fired for being an idiot. I'm very sorry for acting like an idiot with the block list. And my wiki, The Brown Family Wiki is vandalized.

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  • Infinityblade2005

    DISCLAIMER: Before you read this post, I just want everyone to know that I'm not a mean person. I don't want to be hated. I don't intend to be hated. I'm just doing what's right and I'm just doing my job as the lone active bureaucrat. If you can't accept the fact that I'm right (well for the most part I think I am) then sort out yourself.

    Ok, so when I returned to this wiki after a long while, I immediately made three users administrators (two of which asked for the rights). The users were Eden, Alex and BrownFamily. I would like to talk about this.

    The wiki's administration is an absolute crisis at the moment. But let's talk about this.

    As the only active bureaucrat left, I really should've done better on my first day back. NONE OF THESE USE…

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  • MrYokaiAndWatch902

    Hurt & Heal

    October 12, 2017 by MrYokaiAndWatch902

    This may be the biggest. Credit to everyone.

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  • PikminComet

    After looking at the current bans on this wiki, i've been noticing there's already a total of 14 PERMABANS over the last month, and 2 of them are literally old accounts from 2015 and 2016. And for the most of the time, some of these blocks shouldn't even be permanent. For example, if you read the wiki's consequences for breaking rules/rules page (here), some offenses like plagiarism, inserting nonsense, and intimidating behavior (first warning) only range from a day - 2 weeks, even it could also be a day- a week. Also, what kinda irritates me that an admin bans another admin for changing block settings, which is unacceptable in many terms. Admins shouldn't usually have a conflict with another admin, but if they had, ban war (or anything aff…

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