• MrYokaiAndWatch902

    I will not be really active until July 24th because I kinda have awry internet. So Saranctha and Battle, don't expect me to be here at all...

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  • Laclale

    Cipher Traction #2

    July 13, 2018 by Laclale

    Ace: Cipher Traction is mainly 1 week or 2 weeks per challenges!

    Challenge 2: Solve this.

    ✏️ 📍📍📍📍 📍📍 📍📍📍 🚫 ✏️📍✏️📍 📍✏️ ✏️✏️ 📍✏️✏️📍 🚫 📍📍 📍📍📍 🚫 ✏️📍 ✏️✏️✏️ ✏️ 🚫 📍 ✏️📍 ✏️📍📍 📍 ✏️📍📍 📍✏️📍✏️📍✏️

    Challenge 2-ex: Can you explain what's "prune" and why "Object Show 87" is pruned.

    Ace: Comment to Entry! ends maybe July 20!




    Ace: Calm down! Challenges are always points related.

    1. Coal
    2. Bottle Stopper and Frost

    1. Bottle Stopper
    2. Skull Head
    3. Lizy
    4. Pandora Book
    5. Frost
    6. Gaster Blaster and Little Horn
    7. Moneybags
    8. Firey 114
    9. Red Velvet Cake
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  • UnluckyGuy114

    Number Hurt and Heal is a Hurt and Heal by UnluckyGuy114. (This is not a copy of BM44’s and Rjkobs’s.)

    Whenever you Hurt and Heal, the Healed number would gain 1 life and the Hurt number will lose 1 life. FOR EXAMPLE:

    Heal 18

    Hurt 5

    In this scenario, 18 gains 1 life while 5 loses 1 life.

    You get to hurt and heal every hour.

    Are you ready? If yes, then good. GO!!!

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  • Ceruglyphy

    ill add art here when the osc is stupid enough

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  • Strikeovercrazy

    DAB Perdiction

    July 13, 2018 by Strikeovercrazy

    Ok so i will predict

    Little Horn Rejoin now to 27th

    26th Jonathan i feel like Another Name will lose again

    25th Nahuel's Book Hmm just wild if team Kawanime loses.

    24th Pandora Book Or Little horn (if he rejoins on Another name) i feel like these 2 includeing mine one that i play will go home soon PB's kinda useless and Little horn wloud be a floater relying on the team to fix his mistakes i mean thats why we loss episode 2

    23rd Pandora Book Or Little horn (whoevers left) Another name will lose again i think since only being 4 members left

    22nd Skirt or ghaster blaster their both good but i don't see them lasting to the top 5

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  • ScribbledEggs


    July 13, 2018 by ScribbledEggs

    Does anyone like these:

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  • MrYokaiAndWatch902


    July 12, 2018 by MrYokaiAndWatch902



    So basically, the contest is to DRAW Kabloom! Maybe you can redraw him!! Plz no mean fanart for him plz, such as Kabloom holding "I'M NOOB" sign up. I don't call that nice.

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  • Theworstfanontheinternet

    nuff said

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  • MrYokaiAndWatch902
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  • SarancthaTFFM


    July 11, 2018 by SarancthaTFFM

    just gonna place a link to my yt channel here if ya wanna sub, i do speedpaints.

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