• MrYokaiAndWatch902

    fine I give up

    February 22, 2018 by MrYokaiAndWatch902

    This is gonna be hard with MUSIC!

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  • U4Again

    OSC's Southeast Asian users

    February 22, 2018 by U4Again

    This is a remake of my first ever blog on this wiki (at the time i still use my old account)

    Some of them are inactive, some of them are not.

    Also i'm sorry if i know where you live, if one of you doesn't live in one of those countries and if i'm missing someone, let me know.

    Vietnam - Bfdi is the best/Minh, Thuyenthegreat

    Cambodia - YLU

    Thailand - Peer

    Malaysia - Redhuanhakim/ReddyHakky1998, TWDremaker2000

    Singapore - CDG/DSK

    Philippines - TRG67, TennisBallFan

    Indonesia - Undhee/U4Again, Joe, PikminComet

    Japan - A.N.9K, Laclale

    South Korea - Cloudy

    Hong Kong - Hollytang

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  • Laclale

    Me and water park

    February 20, 2018 by Laclale

    Taco's team
    Yellow Face
    Stapy's team
    Golf Ball's team
    Paintbrush's team
    Orb's team
    Water Balloon's team
    Liy's team
    Ice Cube's team
    Smoky Quartz
    Fuchsia's team
    Lollipop's team
    Marble's team
    Tetris Block
    Paint Bucket's team
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  • AzUrArInG

    Shape World Rant

    February 20, 2018 by AzUrArInG

    Shape World is a piece of crap that should die out of existence, what was this person thinking (IK it's J Waughtal that made it). First of all, the characters are just blue shapes and it's made in powerpoint, plus no background at all and is just recorded with using an IPad or whatever. Also, the voices are really annoying, and the way he posed them are just really bad, I mean even a toddler can do better than this abomination of death. In the later episodes, you can clearly see him change each image on powerpoint when he started doing his tab screening rather than using an IPad to record, plus he decided to use robot voices in the later ones too.

    Then he cancelled the original, and then made a reboot of the show, but it was worse. It's bec…

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  • AzUrArInG

    Hello everybody, AzUrArInG here, and today, I made this blog for if you want Dark Face to return or not, because of the new design of him that was made by TWDremaker2000, I am thinking of returning him, but also not as well. So, I will let you guys decide if you want Dark Face to come back or not.

    (Notes: IK I could've done a poll, but I am at school and I don't really have a lot of time right now ok)

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  • GenericGenerator999


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  • Bottlenose

    I'm back

    February 20, 2018 by Bottlenose

    I probably won't be for very long but I thought I would point it out. Anyone remember me?

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  • GenericGenerator999

    Art Contest

    February 20, 2018 by GenericGenerator999

    Make either a Jr version of a BFDI character or a speaker box version.


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  • AzUrArInG

    Hello everybody, AzUrArInG here, and today, I have decided to let you guys choose who should be my new main OC, since I am kind of losing interest to the OC Football (but you guys can vote for him still if you like the character). Also, I have decided to make a poll of it for you guys to vote who should be my new main OC ok. (Notes: I didn't use the recommended ones because they aren't officially made by me).

    Anyway here is the poll to vote who should be my new main oc -->

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  • HawkodileFan


    February 19, 2018 by HawkodileFan

    Hawkodile:Do what you want, a gangsta needs free...U R A GANGSTA! Hawkodile, Seedot, Dr. Fox, Nathan:BLAH BLAH WIDDLE GEE FEE! BEIN A GANGSTA IS ALRIGHT WITH ME! DO WHAT U WANT, A GANGSTA NEEDSS FREE, U R A GANGSTA! Hawkodile:We All have a phone! Others:A PHONE! Hawkodile:To lead us to your home! Others:YOUR HOME! Hawkodile:We’ll punch you in the face! Others:THE FACE! Hawkodile:We know you have Nate’s diary! Nathan:.... Hawkodile:Well destroy the closet door! And then we’ll start to READ! Nathan:No! Nathan:(sarcastically) Blah blah widdle gee fee....If you’d like to read my own r a gangsta...(whispers:I guess...) Hawkodile:BLAH BLAH WIDDLE GEE FEE, BEIN A GANGSTA IS ALRIGHT WITH ME! WE START TO OPEN NATES DIARY! WE ARE A GANG…

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