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Bow, labeled The Chair Enthusiast, was a female character on Inanimate Insanity. She debuted in The Snowdown starring in a commercial for Chairs, and unexpectedly joined the game in Double Digit Desert. After her death in Journey Through Memory Lane (Part 2), Bow was killed off the show permanently, and thus, did not return for Inanimate Insanity II, though she did appear in ghost form and was mentioned beforehand.

Fan fiction


  • Bernardine Speranza (BluJayPJ)
  • Beatrice Spangenburg (NLG343)

Where Bow is from

  • San Diego, California (BluJayPJ)


Bow is unbelievably stupid and moronic, as she mostly will have no clue about anything and is very enthusiastic and irrelevant at most times. Bow is almost seen to resemble a typical modern teenage girl, saying "like" and "totally", wearing makeup, and texting on her phone constantly. Disregarding her intelligence, Bow is an exceptionally kind contestant who will always run to the aid of her friends, limited to only Marshmallow. However, Bow has shown to be very persistent about being on the show, as she doesn't leave in Double Digit Desert. Bow appears to have the power to call upon chairs at random times, and uses them with shockingly experienced levels. However, chairs can also be seen as her weakness, as shown in The Great Escape, causing her to lose the MePhone Says challenge. She has also shown slight skill at using a lasso.


  • Bow has an alleged brother named Dough, although this could be false, as Bow don't recognize who he is.
  • After her death, Bow is now a ghost. With a tail.
  • Bow is the smallest contestant in Inanimate Insanity.
  • In Object Division, Bow has no eyelashes.
  • Bow is the only debuter contestant from Inanimate Insanity Season 1 to not join Season 2 because she died, as shown in the Season 1 Part 2 Finale.


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