Guitar: Hey Tune, I put my awesome songs that I play on meTunes, download them if you like Rock!

Tune: Umm, as far as I'm aware, I don't give a crap about what anyone says when it comes to music. I just listen to dubstep *puts headphones on and listens to Skrillex*

Guitar: You certainly don't give a crap alright. And you also have no taste in music.

Tune: Don't give a crap!

  • intro*

Harry: Are you guys ready to pick the teams?

Square and Donut: YEAH!

Harry: Good! Because we're going to start the team picking RIGHT NOW!

  • Zip transition*

Harry: Since Square won the challenge, he picks first. Go ahead!

Square: I pick Circle! *Circle walks over* We're Shape Friends!

  • Square and Circle high five*

Donut: Even though I complained at Chainsaw during the yoyleberry challenge, he could be useful and strong so I pick him. *Chainsaw walks over*

Chainsaw: If you didn't pick me, you wouldn't live.

Donut: Jeez.

Square: Hmm....

Circle: Ooh! Pick Juice Box! He's friendly!

Square: Juice Box! Get over here, you can be on our side!

Juice Box: Nice choice!

Donut: Hey Taffy, your a fun guy, why don't you be on our team?

Taffy: YAYYYY!! *crazily shakes and zooms over to Donut's team*

Square: Jelly Bean is a fun one too you know! I pick 'em!

Jelly Bean: Nicer choice!

Taffy: How about Brownie!

Donut: Err...why?

Taffy: don't know.

Donut: Well, whatever. Brownie, come here.

Brownie: Darp Derp Herpy!

Donut: Is it because he's derpy, Taffy?

Square: Hey Ice Cube! Come on down!

Ice Cube: Thanks for picking me! Pencil wouldn't- oh wait...

Woody: Ehhh....

Donut: I think Woody is afraid of not being picked. Let's pick him.

Woody: *sighs in relief* *walks over*

Square: Why don't we pick Basketball! He's a tough guy!

Basketball: Alright, I don't know if i should be happy about that or not.

Square: You should be happy! Your on our team! :)

Basketball: Alright.

  • cut to crowd of contestants not picked yet*

Donut: Poptart is a sweet like me.

  • Poptart pops from crowd*

Square: Sun is always happy! Let's pick him!

  • Sun pops from crowd*

Donut: Tuney, your with me

  • Tune pops from crowd*

Square: Guitar is rocking out!

  • Guitar pops from crowd*

Donut: Lollipop's got smarts.

  • Lollipop pops from crowd*

Square: Hmm, Spikey Mervert?

  • Spikey Mervert pops from crowd*

Donut: I suppose we can pick Bottle.

  • Bottle pops from crowd*


Square: Bowling Ball is a nice guy!

  • Bowling Ball pops from crowd, leaving only Balloon*

Balloon: Well well well, look who's left!

Donut: Shut up, your on my team.

Balloon: Fine.

Harry: Now we can begin the challenge! But first, Square, for winning the first challenge, you get a Convenient Token! Oh wait, did I forget to mention we have new tokens in this show? Whenever they are gotten, I'll explain them. Square, a Convenient Token can be used during a challenge and will give you a special item that will be helpful in that challenge.

Harry: Now let's spin the wheel!

  • spins wheel and lands on Space Maze*

All: *gasps*

Harry: Is it really that surprising? Anyway this is a giant and challenging maze, however, there will be obstacles and other things that can get in your way, so be careful! So, everyone ready? START!

Balloon: I'm a good leader, so I will lead the way.

Donut: What gives you the right to be leader? I am the team captain afterall!

Balloon: Hey! What gives you the right to complain against me? Now follow!

  • cut to Square's team*

Circle: Square, where should we go first?

Square: Well I have a GPS, and it says we should go this way!

Jelly Bean: OK!

  • cut to Donut's team*

Balloon: Come on, keep up with the group! We're going left now!

Donut: Balloon, seriously, everyone on I.I hates you, and so does the community! I'm just giving a point!

Balloon: Shut up!

Brownie: Guys! Guys! Calm down!

Donut: I'm chill, I just think Balloon isn't such a good leader.

Balloon: Hey!

Taffy: Donut, you should lead the way. Square is leading his team afterall.

Donut: Yeah, I'll lead the way now, I choose things as the team captain, so let's march onward.

Balloon: Oh come on!

  • cut to Square's team* 

Juice Box: Hey guys, I think i see something up ahead!

  • team crashes into rock*

Square: Uh oh, a rock!

Bowling Ball: Well, uh. I may be harder then the rock so I might be able to break it!

Basketball: You have a point. Guys, let's smash the rock with Bowling Ball!

  • cut to Donut's team*
  • Donut using binoculars*

Donut: Hey, the other team is stuck! We have an advantage! Let's get going!

Balloon: I don't feel like running!

  • Everyone but Balloon runs while Balloon just walks*

Donut: Balloon, you have to keep up! The whole team has to be at the finish!

Balloon: No!

Lollipop: *facepalm* We are going to lose!

1 hour of doing nothing and pathetic failure later...

Square: Guys! We are getting to the end!

Cheez-It: But there's a gap!

Jelly Bean: Darn! How will we get there now?

Cheez-It: How about we use the power of...COOPERATION!

Square's Team: YAY!

Cheez-It: So I think we should make a bridge by using our hands and feet.

Circle: But how will the rest of us get to the finish?

Cheez-It: Easy! They'll get pulled over!

Square: Ohhh!

  • cut to Donut's team*
  • Woody walking and almost trips over gap ledge*

Woody: AHH!

Donut: Well, here's the finish.

Taffy: But Balloon is sooooo far away!

Chainsaw: Affirmative. I have an idea. *pulls out sword*

Poptart: I don't think this is a time for murder, Chainsaw.


Donut: Woah woah woah, maybe putting you on my team wasn't such a good idea. Now we need to get Balloon over here somehow!

Balloon: No way!


Lollipop: OK, let's just face it, we're going to lose.

Taffy: I have a grappling hook, so why don't we use that?

  • slings grappling hook to Balloon*

Balloon: Uh guys?

  • Balloon gets popped by Grappling Hook claw*

Poptart: NO! We are going to lose now! The Recover Pipe is all the way over to the main stand and it'll take forever to get back over here!

  • cut to Recover Pipe as it recovers balloon
  • fast dramatic music starts to play as Balloon runs over to the team and Square's team cooperates to the finish*

Donut: Come on!

Square: Carefully...

Balloon: Almost there!

Cheez-It: We can do it!

Donut's Team: GO GO GO GO

Circle: Almost done!

  • crazy cuts between Balloon, Donut's Team and Square's Team until Square's team presses the finish button*\

Harry: Square's team wins!

Donut: DANG IT! Balloon, this is your fault we lost!

Harry: By the way, you guys still have to give your teams names!

Square: Hmm, how about The Awesome Bunch!

Donut: I think I'll name the team The Serious Sweets, but I'm still mad we lost!

Tune: I don't give a crap. *listens to Eliminating BFDI*

  • fade to elimination*

Harry: Serious Sweets, welcome to the main stand, where we are going to hold the elimination.

Harry: We have a crowd of characters from other object shows, who will decide who to vote on after seeing you guys do the challenge.

Harry: So crowd, go ahead and vote who you want out.

Knife: Chainsaw, Im the only one who can murder AND be sharp! *presses Chainsaw's elimination button*


Leafy: Well, uh, I don't know who to vote for, I mean I've heard of Donut but I don't know if I should vote him or not. Uhh, Balloon seems to have done terrible in the challenge so I vote him. *presses Balloon's button*

Pickle: Balloon, your a jerk and you did terrible in the challenge too. *presses Balloon's button*

Pin: Donut is not good to cooperate with! *presses Donut's button*

Coiny: I think same. *presse's Donut's button*

Marshmallow: Balloon, everyone hates you! *presses Balloon's button*

Pencil: Smart Person Slapper! *presses Donut's button*

OJ: I can't deal with Balloon, he wasn't a good leader on Team Chickenleg. *presses Balloon's button*

Lightbulb: Like, Balloon, I can't deal with him in I.I or seeing him in BFTM. *presses Balloon's button*

Nickel: I agree. Balloon. *presses Balloon's button*

Firey: Balloon! *presses Balloon's button*

Baseball: Balloon. *presses Balloon's button*

Puffball: Ballooooooooon *presses Balloon's button*

Leafy: I change my vote to Balloon. *presses Balloon's button*

Balloony: Im a better balloon then Balloon! *presses Balloon's button*

Flower: Balloon! *presses Balloon's button*

Paper: Balloon! *presses Balloon's button*

  • a bunch of BFDI, II, and Object Universe characters and recommended characters rapidly press Balloon's elimination button, like Ice Cube's elimination in BFDI episode 21.*

Harry: OK, I think we get the point. Balloon, you are eliminated!

Balloon: WHAT?!

Harry: Yes, you heard me right, your eliminated. And you get to take a nice short trip into the Black Hole of Failures!

  • black hole opens and Balloon is sucked in*

Balloon: AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! *Balloon dissapears and black hole closes*

  • fade to black and then fade to Square's team*

Square: I'm really glad we won guys!

Circle: Yeah! And now that sucky Balloon is gone!

Harry: AND Cheez-It gets a token for coming up with cooperation!

Harry: Cheez-It, this is a Decision Token, this can be used before the wheel is spun which allows YOU to decide what the challenge is!

Cheez-It: Oh, that's pretty cool!

Tune: I don't give a crap. *listens to extremely annoying music*

Guitar: You STILL have no taste in music.

Harry: See you on the next episode of Brawl for The Moon!

  • fade to credits*
  • after credits, we see Balloon in the Black Hole of Failures*

Balloon: ....This sucks! I should just stay here cause no one likes me!

Balloon Fan: *zooming through hole* WHEEEEEEEEE *Balloon looks weirdly*

  • episode ends*

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