Challenge Time is written object show and has 16 contestants in season 1. It's one of the object shows in BFDI fannon and its one of the most visited series (another one is RFVP and more). Challenge Time first aired in january 14, which curently have episode.

List of characters

  • Backpack, male
  • Broccoli, male
  • Dishy, male
    • Normal Guy #1
  • Gum Bally, female
    • Is a pear freak
  • Potato, male
    • POTATO Potato Potato Potato Potato
  • Puppet, female
  • Washing Machine, male
    • Based on Patrick from Spongebob Squarepants
  • Omega Symbol, male
  • Jellyfish, female
  • Satellite, female
  • The Page, male
    • Is "evil"
  • Tongue, male
  • Pyramid, male
    • Normal Guy #2
  • Soccerball, female
    • Is a sport lover girl.
  • Saw Blade, male
  • Wheaty, male

List of episodes

Challenge Time: Legends of Doomtown episodes
E# S# Episode Writer(s) Wikia airdate Eliminated
Challenge Time: Legends of Doomtown
1 How It All Began Nukri Kiladze January 14, 2014 None
2 Dungeon of Doom Nukri Kiladze January 17, 2014 TBA

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