1.Firey - Flaming but i like it.

2.Rocky - Like of barf,because i like it.

3.Bubble - Everyone likes pop,Pins too,i'm really like it!

4.Spongy - It's bossy and fat,like it.

5.Leafy - Is very amazing,very friend is Bubble,i really like it!

6.Blocky - Is very cool,like of Cake at Stake,commercials,but really like it!

7.Eraser - Is cool,very friend is Pen,and like of says "Which is?" like it.

8.Pen - Is really cool,like of Cake at stake and i like it.

9.Pencil - Is very amazing,very friend is Match,and like to says good stuffs,and i like it!

10.Match - Is very amazing too,very friend is Pencil,and like to says good stuffs,and i like it!

11.Teardrop - Is 19th place,like it!

12.Coiny - Like of slap on Firey,is cool and like it!

13.Needle - Like to says "Don't call me Needy!" and like of slaps,like it.

This is top 13 characters most like and goodbye!

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