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Eurovision Objects is an fan-fiction made by Undhee, with an help by NLG343.

This is created in May 14, 2016. NLG343 started to help with this fan-fiction since January 30, 2017. it gets revived since then.

Episode Structure

(The only episode that skated over this is Episode 2, where Episode 3 recapped Episode 1.)

  1. Recap
  2. Cold open
  3. Intro
  4. Episode content
  5. Ending


  • Don't AT LEAST being random in the comments.



  1. BBC (Male) (British/English (UK), Nice, the nicest one in this)
  2. Rai (Male) (Italian, Nice, makes italian food)
  3. La 1 (Male) (Spanish, Nice, Scientist)
  4. RTVE (Male) (Spanish, Nice)
  5. Channel One Russia (Male) (Russian, Nice)
  6. MTVA (Female) (Hungarian, Smart, Scientist)
  7. TF1 (Male) (French, Kind, Has an alliance called The French Alliance)
  8. TRT (Male) (Turkish, Mean/Selfish)
  9. Canal+ (Male) (French, Nice, best friends with TF1, member of The French Alliance)
  10. Das Erste (Male) (German, Nice, is ZDF's best friend (unfortunately))
  11. Telewizja Polska (Male) (Polish, Loner)
  12. SRG SSR (Female) (Swiss, Valley Girl)
  13. RTP (Male) (Portuguese, Nice)
  14. UA: Pershyi (Male) (Ukrainian, Insane)
  15. VGTRK (Female) (Russian, Valley Girl, Channel One Russia's love interest)
  16. RTV San Marino (Male) (San Marino, Kind, Rai's best friend)
  17. RTÉ (Female) (Irish, Nice, BBC's love interest)
  18. France Télévisions (Male) (French, Smart, member of The French Alliance)
  19. NPO (Male) (Dutch, Kind, Did not Talk)
  20. RTBF (Female) (Belgian, Nice, TF1's Love Interest)
  21. ZDF (Male) (German, Mean/Perverted, and his catchphrase is "Where is Das Erste?" (formerly), Smart/Perverted (dropped the mean personality after he and Das Erste became close in Episode 4, except in the roleplay.))
  22. VRT (Male) (Belgian, Kind, Mean to TF1 because RTBF is going to be his love interest)
  23. TVR (Female) (Romanian, Smart, Has a younger brother called TVR International, Who is the rival of Indonesian TV network called TVRI)
  24. Mega Channel (Male) (Greek, Just like Spongy)
  25. Ant1 (Male) (Greek, Smart)


    • SBS (Female) (South Korea, Nice)
    • KBS (Female) (South Korea, Valley Girl)
    • MBC (Male) (South Korea, Kind/Strict/Smart, Is SBS's Love Intrest)
    • CNN (Male) (USA/English (USA), Nice/Strict)
  • Nordvision Channels (Episode 2)
    • DR (Male) (Danish, Kind)
    • SVT (Male) (Swedish, Smart/Strict)
    • UKIB (Male) (British/English (UK), Strict)
    • ITV (Male) (British/English (UK), Nice)
  • ORF (Male) (Austrian, Kind)
  • Southeast Asian
    • ABS-CBN (Female) (Filipino, Nice)
    • GMA (Male) (Filipino, Mean/Selfish)
    • TV5 (Male) (Filipino, Happy)
    • Channel 5 Singapore (Male) (Singaporean, Nervous)
    • OKTO (Female) (Singaporean, Kind/Smart, sometimes clumsy)
    • MNCTV (Male) (Indonesian, Kind)

Reccuring Characters (Episode Cameo)

  • Non-European Members
    • ERTU (Male) (Egypt, Strict) (Episode 2)
    • SBS (Female) (South Korea, Nice) (Episode 1, but is a main starting Episode 2)
    • KBS (Female) (South Korea, Valley Girl) (Episode 2, and becomes a main since then.)
    • MBC (Male) (South Korea, Kind/Strict/Smart, Is SBS's Love Intrest) (Episode 2, and becomes a main since then.)
    • CNN (Male) (USA, Nice/Strict) (Episode 1, but is a main starting Episode 2)
  • Nordvision Channels (Episode 2)
    • DR (Denmark) (Episode 2, and becomes a main since then.)
    • SVT (Sweden) (Episode 2, and becomes a main since then.)
    • NRK (Norway)
    • RUV (Iceland)
    • UKIB (Episode 1 and 2, and becomes a main since then.)
    • ITV (United Kingdom) (Episode 1, but is a main starting Episode 2)
    • Channel 4 (United Kingdom) (Episode 2)
    • S4C (United Kingdom) (Episode 2)
  • ORF (Austria) (Episode 3, and becomes a main since then.)
  • BTRC (Belarus) (Episode 2)
  • CCTV (China PR, Mean) (Episode 2)
  • MNCTV (Indonesia) (Episode 3, but is a main starting Episode 4)

Minor Characters


  1. Alarm Clock (Male) (Jock)
  2. Pepperoni (Male) (Italian, Kind)

TV Station

  1. Rede Globo (Male) (Brazilian, Nice, identical duo)
  2. NBC (Male) (English (USA), Kind)


  1. European Union Flag (Male) (Kind)


Should I separate this into seasons?

The poll was created at 17:57 on January 31, 2017, and so far 3 people voted.

Past polls

11 votes.

  • What French Character do you Like?: TF1 (0) Canal+ (3) France Télévisions (1) Total (4)
  • Do You Want 30 Episodes?: Yes (3) Meh.. (0) No (0)
  • Do You Want Non-European Members to This Show?: Yes! I Like Them! (4) I Guess. (0) Meh.. I Like Them a Little Bit. (0) No, Just No. (0) I HATE THEM!! NO I'M NOT WANT THEM TO THE SHOW! (0)


Character Gallery (made in powerpoint)

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