Extreme Insanity Is A Inanimate Insanity Created By co1669. It Started On May 26th 2013. It Currently Had 2 Eliminations And 3 Challenges. It Has 27 Contestants, Everyone In Inanimate Insanity Seasons 1 And 2.

Challenge 1: "Dangerous Doors", There Are 10 Doors Labeled 1-10. In Each Round, One Door Is The Dangerous Door, If You Choose That Door For That Round, Then You Are Out Of The Challenge.

Results 1: Marshmallow Did The Challenge Incorrectly And Yin-Yang, Bomb, Paintbrush, Box, Tissues, OJ, Salt, Microphone And Knife Didn't Do The Challenge

Round 1 

Door 1: Pepper

Door 2: Nickel

Door 3: Paper, Suitcase, Trophy, Cherries And Bow

Door 4: Pickle

Door 5: Cheesy

Door 6: Baseball And Apple

Door 7: Lightbulb

Door 8: No One

Door 9: Fan And Test Tube

Door 10: Balloon, Taco And Soap

Dangerous Door: 9

Out: Fan And Test Tube

Round 2

Door 1: Trophy

Door 2: Suitcase And Pickle

Door 3: Apple

Door 4: Baseball, Paper And Taco

Door 5: Balloon, Bow, Lightbulb

Door 6: Soap

Door 7: No One

Door 8: Cherries

Door 9: Nickel And Cheesy

Door 10: Pepper

Dangerous Door: 10

Out: Pepper

Round 3

Door 1: Suitcase And Cherries

Door 2: Balloon

Door 3: Cheesy

Door 4: Apple

Door 5: Paper And Trophy

Door 6: Nickel, Pickle And Taco

Door 7: Baseball

Door 8: Bow And Soap

Door 9: No One

Door 10: Lightbulb

Dangerous Door: 2

Out: Balloon

Round 4

Door 1: Nickel, Pickle, Cheesy and Soap

Door 2: No One

Door 3: Baseball And Lightbulb

Door 4: No One

Door 5: Taco

Door 6: Suitcase, Cherries And Bow

Door 7: No One

Door 8: No One

Door 9: Apple And Paper

Door 10: Trophy

Dangerous Door: 8

Out: No One

Round 5

Door 1: Paper

Door 2: Apple, Pickle and Soap

Door 3: Taco 

Door 4: No One

Door 5: Suitcase

Door 6: Lightbulb

Door 7: Trophy, Nickel and Bow

Door 8: Baseball

Door 9: No One

Door 10: Cherries And Cheesy

Dangerous Door: 2

Out: Apple, Pickle and Soap


NYE-Not Yet Eliminated

More Later Due To Laziness

Contestant User Team Placing Reason
Apple tacoburger22 TeamSmosh NYE NYE
Balloon fortunestreetfan129 TeamERB NYE NYE
Baseball misterperfectawesome TeamSmosh NYE NYE
Bomb MysteriousBFDIFan TeamERB NYE NYE
Bow PixelatedIndustries TeamERB NYE NYE
Cheesy Jack Orange TeamSmosh NYE NYE
Cherries Ben1178 TeamSmosh NYE NYE
Fan Preston Campbell TeamERB NYE NYE
Knife rj3ful1 TeamSmosh NYE NYE
Lightbulb Nicholas Sternes TeamNickel NYE NYE
Marshmallow 95mikemc1 TeamNickel NYE NYE
Microphone 2319mi TeamBaseball NYE NYE
Nickel Connor Spalding TeamNickel NYE NYE
OJ TheGkanderson77 TeamBaseball NYE NYE
Paintbrush NoldenKMaster TeamNickel NYE NYE
Paper Brandon Todd TeamNickel NYE NYE
Pepper joaquint561 TeamBaseball NYE NYE
Pickle DeeandEd TeamBaseball NYE NYE
Soap mathew543211 TeamNickel NYE NYE
Suitcase raytonlin1 TeamBaseball NYE NYE
Taco bowserjr2215 TeamNickel NYE NYE
Test Tube taopwnh6427 TeamBaseball NYE NYE
Tissues KaraidsLair TeamBaseball NYE NYE
Trophy tocofool TeamNickel NYE NYE
Yin-Yang CommentingEevee TeamBaseball NYE NYE
Salt tpidude73 TeamNickel 26th Look Below
Box misterjoker-bfdifanny-kamil krupa None 27th Unpopular And Floater