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Everyone (Except Enemies)


Coiny (Until IDFB), Flower, Ice Cube, Teardrop, Blue Raspberry (Possibly)


Orange and Gold (normal)

Light Blue and Silver-Blue (Object Flash unnamed form)


The Losers (BFB)

Team No-Name (BFDIA)

Squishy Cherries (BFDI)

Firey is the main protagonist and the winner of BFDI. He dislikes swimming for obvious reasons, and even has a rain shelter ready when faced with rain, as shown in Episode 3. He states that Ice Cube is the opposite of him, and has voted for Ice Cube based on that reason alone. His arch enemy is Coiny, but their hatred has been smaller since BFDI's finale.

In Anthony's BFDI/II Camp, he is also a contestant (as Nicholas Strenes, previously infoman117) who placed 14th and was eliminated in the 5th elimination.

In Ultimate Objects, he is the head pin.

In Object Flash, Firey is a protagonist. He is able to shoot fire from his hands. Firey has a form that makes him colored silver-blue.

He was also a good friend of Leafy, and it is speculated by some that he might like her. However, in BFDIA, Firey forgot who Leafy is.


Firey joined, however, in Day 4, he tried to get the spaceship to Mars to crash on Tennis Ball, and it missed, and the brakes broke, so they crash landed, and lost. This was one of the reasons he got eliminated, the second being he won Season 1. He rejoined, but lost before the final 3.

Battle For Inanimate Insanity

Firey is a confirmed contestant for the upcoming BFDI camp called Battle for Inanimate Insanity.

Object Dollar Game

In ODG, he only had 100 votes, so he didn't get in. But he made a cameo in Gotta Get a Dollar.

Fan fiction


  • Fred Cox (NLG)


  • Like Pen, he does wears white boxers.
  • People think his first name is Alexander, Alex for short, because that is similar to what fire is in Turkish. However, Firey is not Turkish, so that might be untrue.
  • Firey was the first BFDI character created, which he was created all the way back in 2008.
    • Firey also is the first Object show character ever made.



Names in different languages (copy)

  • 불 - Korean
  • ファイアーリ - Japanese
  • 火热 - Chinese
  • Vurige - Dutch and Afrikaans
  • Lửa - Vietnamese
  • Fuego - Spanish (Both Latin American and Castillian Spanish) and Aragonese
  • Fogo - Portuguese (Both Brazillian and Lusitanian Portuguese) and Galician
  • Ogień - Polish
  • Tüzes - Hungarian
  • Feu - French
  • Tomm - Breton
  • Tulinen - Finnish
  • Eldur - Faroese and Icelandic
  • Fieu - Romansh
  • Eldig - Swedish
  • Fyrig - Danish and Norwegian
  • Fajro - Esperanto
  • Ognjeni - Bosnian and Slovenian
  • Alev (or Ateş) - Turkish
  • Alevander - Azerbaijan
  • فيري - Arabic
  • Агністэй - Belarusian
  • Огненнее - Russian
  • Вогней - Ukranian
  • Foculet - Romanian
  • Feuer - German (Which, surprisingly, he can speak)
  • φωτιά - Greek
  • ไฟ - Thai

Firey is a male contestant on BFDIAR, he was originally a contestant on team Ice but switched to Epic from peer pressure. Later in Episode 5, Firey joined team Freesmart along with Pencil, Match, Ruby, Book, and Ice Cube. However, Firey doesn't like to be near Ice Cube. After the merge, Firey has won almost all challenges, but has been up for elimination twice. Firey had major fears of being eliminated, and even bet 99 billion dollars to the announcer. In Episode 22, Eggy won 1 sextillion+ dollars, and gave a trillion to Firey, which paid off for the debt. Firey won Dream Island again in Episode 23 with 2 votes.

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