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ACWAGT Fries Pose




Outcasts (UO)
Dopey Moons (BFSP)
Team No-Name (BFDIA),
Amazing Autotuners (CAMP OJ)
Oozing Team (RFVP)
Dobra Drużyna (OA)
Free Food (BFB)



Episode eliminated

Not yet eliminated




Gelatin, Nickel, Donut, Retro Fries


Everyone except friends


Brilliant gamboge (fries), red with yellow stripes

Fries is a male contestant on Team Outcast, Team No-Name, Team Dopey Moons and Amazing Autotuners.


Fries was one of the 30 recommended characters who could've joined BFDI, but only got 17 votes, placing 6th in the voting and was sent into the Locker of Losers. He also had a chance at join BFDIA, and gotten enough votes to join with 303 votes. He is currently on Team No-Name.

Fan fiction

If Fries appeared in your fan fiction, you can add your own details about him here!

Human Names

Frankie Stevens (KittyFan2004)


  • His fries are over a year old.
    • He has exactly 6 fries in him.
      • But in BFDI, he has 12 fries.
  • In BFDI, Fries appear to be a cannibal, as he is seen eating fries. However he hasn't eat any in BFDIA. The BFDIA Fries might be a different one, or he just stopped eating them.
  • In BFDI, his design changed to a giant B as a reference to McDonald's.
  • Currently, Fries died 6 times in the BFDI series. Those deaths include being burnt, being crushed by the sun, becoming poisoned, being pushed into an incinerator, being crushed again by a 9,042 kg weight, and being eaten by a fish monster.


Names in other languages

  • Khoai tây chiên - Vietnamese
  • Patates Kızartmaları - Turkish
  • Pommes / Fries - German (and french (pommes frittes))

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