Friesfan7844 is making a toati camp using new idles here are the contestants

640px-A group photo of TOATI

Barrel-YellowAngiru ( IT ) Boomerang-bladethe blade Bowling Ball-bowserjr2215 Chilli Pepper-ToonPrince ( WT ) Claw-Superb677 Cone-Mario Deleon Crown-Matej Dolenec Football-ultraboldore72 Gun-Alexander Brezicky Icicle-KaraidsLair Juice Box-OrMel2004 Lemon-thenicolejokes ( RT ) Muggy-TheAwesomeYellow Pizza-Kamil Krupa Potato-joebro76 Shell-SuperMightyMichael Skittle-eddyjose fuentes Spoon-Happy Fat Starry-SuperNin10 Tapey-CJ MacCool Volly Ball-joaquint561 Weight-rglowacki71

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