Greatest Underrated Awesome Camp And More Outstanding Like Ever (The Reboot) or GUACAMOLE (The Reboot) is a Camp by NahuelFire39

This is a reboot of the dead camp "GUACAMOLE" created by Alex.

Credits to Alex. (I hope you're watching this...for some reason.)

Sign up as 1 or 2 Characters (objects or Non-objects) 14/14


  • it is the first Camp I do.
  • If you want, you can make confessionals.
  • Only NahuelFire39 can edit this page.
  • If the user does not challenge them 3 times, they will be replaced by another user.
  • Firey 114 debuts in "A tea for London" (Episode 4)
  • DeathPreventer114 is UnluckyGuy114 now


  • Bfdianeedleyesrockyno (1 Strike)
  • AwesomeAquamarine (2 Strike)
  • FlorasAreReallyCool (3 Strike) (Eliminated)
  • BFDIbiggestfan (1 Strike)
  • Nemolee.exe (2 Strike)
  • Pufferfishmax (1 Strike)


Elimination list.

Contestant Team Episode Eliminated Place
OO Trio Team Devil Evil Which in the Real China 15th/14th
Tapu Koko Team Devil Evil Which in the Real China 14th/15th
White Bubble Wand Team Devil Evil Which in the Real China 13th
Red Test Tube Team Devil Evil Destination changed 12th
Scissors Team Devil Evil Destination changed 11th
Bubble Wand The French Angels Donald Trompas 10th
Baseball Cap The French Angels A tea for London 9th

Episode 0: Partying In Giza


NahuelFire39: So, since this is A first class ticket as a prize, the theme is....World Tour!

And our first stop is home of the Giza Pyramids, the place for riding camels, legends of mummy’s, high history, ITS EGYPT!

(A long plane ride later)


Alright, time to explain the Challange!

Here we have 3 rows of 3 pyramids.

Pyramid A, Pyramid B, and Pyramid C.

Each round, there will be an artifact hidden in a Pyramid.

Guess the Pyramid that the artifact is in.

Guess correctly, you win that artifact.

You do this for all three rounds. If 3 people have the same amount of artifacts, we will have a tiebraker artifact round.

Those who have the most artifacts in the end win! and arm the teams. (Contest ends in June 9th)


Round 1: Little Horn, School Blazer & OO Tri wins a artifact

Round 2: Little Horn & School Blazer wins a artifact

Round 3: Little Horn, School Blazer, Gaster Blaster & Baseball Cap Tri wins a artifact

Total: C.A.B

NahuelFire39: Well, since Little Horn and School Blazer won the 3 Rounds, they will be the leaders of the 2 teams, each team will have 7 members (1 captain and the other 6 members), also the leaders will choose the names of the teams.

NahuelFire39: By the way, bfdianeedleyesrockyno, AwesomeAquamarine and FlorasAreReallyCool have a Strike for not doing the challenge.


~ Time to assemble the teams! ~

Little Horn: Since im a team captain, i can choose who i want to be on my team, ill say Tapu Koko, OO Tri, White Bubble Wand, Scissors, clock and Red Test Tube.

NahuelFire39: And the team name?

Little Horn: Team Devil Evil.

NahuelFire39: School Blazer, since you are a team captain, what is your team name? (Members have already been chosen: Gaster Blaster, Baseball Cap, Bubble Wand, Peppermint Lollipop, Sunny and 27) I await your response.


School Blazer: Team name is: The French Angels.

NahuelFire39: Why?

School Blazer: We have to go against their team names to match!

NahuelFire39: After making the teams, here is the list:


NahuelFire39: Episode 1 will be tomorrow, Good Luck!

Episode 1: Wich in the Real China

China Flag

NahuelFire39: Our next destination has the longest wall in the world, is know for unique culture and occupies the small island of Taiwan, it's...China! Boy, wonder which is the real China.

and to look like OO Trio and Tapu Koko left.


For your challenge, you are going to do a little geography, history AND anthropology quiz!

  1. How long is the Great Wall Of China?
  2. When was China discovered? (Hint: It's younger than Japan)
  3. What do Chinese people do for New Years?
  4. Is China Communist?
  5. What is China's main religion: Christian, Islam or Buddhism

Each correct answer has 1 point, the team with the most points, wins Immunity.

(Contest ends in June 11th)


  • Baseball Cap (5/5)
  • School Blazer (5/5)
  • Little Horn (3/5)
  • Gaster Blaster (1/5)
  • Scissors (0/5)
  • Peppermint Lollipop (1/5)
  • Sunny (3/5)

Total Points

Team Devil Evil: 4

The French Angels: 14

NahuelFire39: Well, another Strike for AwesomeAquamarine and FlorasAreCool. oh wait BFDIbiggestfan did not make the challenge either, then...STRIKE too!

NahuelFire39: But it does not matter, the team "French Angels" win immunity, Team Devil Evil, I wait for them in the elimination. >:)

Elimination Time!

Well, Team Devil Evil, you are here because most of you did not answer the questions and because Scissors cheated.

Scissors: But yes-

NahuelFire39: Shush!, well, let's continue. This roulette has their names, if the roulette chooses their names randomly, they will be safe, the last contestant that was not chosen will be eliminated.

(Roulette falls in...Scissors)

Scissors: Yay!

NahuelFire39: Wait, really?.

(Roulette falls in...Little Horn)

Little Horn: Oh Yeah!

NahuelFire39: That means that the evils of Little Horn are going to continue...

(Roulette falls in...Clock)

Clock: YOhs!

NahuelFire39: Eh..., anyways, that's what we have left to White Bubble Wand and Red Test Tube.

Red Test Tube, you can be eliminated for being a Recolor like W.B.W. and for not doing the 2 challenges of China and Giza

and White Bubble Wand...the same.

White Bubble Wand: Hey!-

NahuelFire39: And the eliminated one is...

(Spins the roulette and the suspense increases.)

(Roulette falls in...)






Red Tes Tube is Safe!

NahuelFire39: Well, bye W.B.W *Launch White Bubble Wand off the plane*

NahuelFire39: Well, and with that elimination, see you in another episode of GUACAMOLE...the reboot.

Episode 2:Destination changed

Japan Flag

NahuelFire39: Our next location is... wait, what?

Ace Book: Welcome to Japan! Since London is extraordinary weather, I kept your planes warped!

Challenge A

Ace Book: Challenge is translate and quiz challenge, click and check Q4!

  1. On the line of Tokyo Metro, is there still no movie of Route Name RED ZONE?
    1. Marunouchi Line
    2. Yurakucho Line
    3. Fukutoshin Line
  2. Arcade with railroad crossing What is the national highway road?
  3. What is not the flavor of McFleury in Gudetama collaboration?

A answer

  1. 2
  2. 170
  3. Pudding
  4. A

A result

Ace Book: Why do you all answer incompatible? I will give it a little more though, but ...

  • Baseball Cap, 4 is correct. Bonus 3 point for partly correct 2 and Answered by Japanese.(8)
  • School Blazer, 4 is correct. Bonus 1 point for Answered by Japanese.(6)
  • Little Horn, 1 and 4 are correct.(10)
  • Gaster Blaster, 4 is correct.(5)
  • Scissors, 1 is correct.(5)
  • Peppermint Lollipop... Bonus 1 point for no one correct but did well.(1)
  • Sunny, 1 and 4 are correct.(10)
  • Bubble Wand, 1 is correct.(5)

Challenge B

Ace Book: I added another one! If you appear in Object CrossRoad, what kind of role would you like to appear in?

B result

  • Little Horn(Main Antagonist): I can tell everyone else but I would like a little more explanation (15/20)
  • Gaster Blaster(Protagonist): Well, I can't see that. (11/20)
  • Scissors(contestant): ???(11/20)
  • Peppermint Lollipop(co-host): Hmm... FR dormitory's? (12/20)
  • Sunny(Protagonist): Nice. (15/20)
  • Bubble Wand(Protagonist): Nice. (15/20)

Ace Book: So, what do you think who is UFE along with Red Testtube and other DNPer?


  • Baseball Cap(8)
  • School Blazer(6)
  • Gaster Blaster(16)
  • Peppermint Lollipop(13)
  • Sunny(25)
  • Bubble Wand(20)
  • Little Horn(25)
  • Scissors(16)


In Challenge A, the results were:

The Devil Evil: 15

The French Angel: 35

and that that TWO of the members of D.E. They made the challenge. Well, Team F.A wins Challenge A.

and in Challenge B:

The Devil Evil: 26

The French Angel: 53

And F.A. win again! which means that D.E. will go to the elimination again!.


Scissors: I didnt cheat, it was peppermint lollipop because she copyed one of my answers!

Elimination Time!

NahuelFire39: and Rest Test Tube is eliminated by receiving 3 Strikes xD *pushes Scissors off the plane*.

NahuelFire39: You know, when this roulette falls/picks your names randomly, you're safe.

(Roulette falls in...¿Clock?)

NahuelFire39: Seriously?, this Clock is almost the same as BFB Clock but weirder.

Clock: Wuahtr?!

NahuelFire39: Anyway ... there are Scissors and Little Horn.

Scissors, you can be eliminated for supposedly cheating, but in the end your user said that Peppemint Lollipop was the one who REALLY cheated. My apologies.

Scissors: Thanks! >:v

NahuelFire39: and Little Horn, you can be eliminated for being evil and....just that.

Little Horn: Seriuosly? *Sigh* is all you can say about me?

NahuelFire39: Do not blame me! It was the roulette that fell randomly to the name of Clock.

NahuelFire39: and the last safe contestant is...

(the roulette falls in ...)













Little Horn

Little Horn: HELL YEAH!

Scissors: WHAT?! can not be!

NahuelFire39: Well, goodbye Scissors *pushes Scissors off the plane*



NahuelFire39: Well, that's all friends, well, this team falls faster eh?

Little Horn: oh Shut up!

NahuelFire39: Anyways, thanks Ace for being our special guest in this episode.

Ace: No problem. Well I'm going *goes away somehow :v*

NahuelFire39: Will there be more foolish challenges? Will there be more fights will there be more surprises? discover it in the next episode of GUACAMOLE!...the reboot.

Episode 3: Donald Trompas


NahuelFire39: Hello everyone, welcome back to this dear Reboot, well, I think so. Today there will be-

Little Horn: Hey Fire!

NahuelFire39: What?

Little Horn: My team only has two members ME and this weird.

Clock: :P

NahuelFire39: Do not worry about black thingy.

Little Horn: HOW YOU CALL ME-

NahuelFire39: There will be a Twist, and that twist is that some members of F.A. be in the team of D.E. ;D

All the French Angels members: * GASP *

NahuelFire39: yes, it was unfair that D.E. have many few members, so TA-DA! There is going your twist.


NahuelFire39: and the captain of the team is...

(the roulette falls in ...)




Baseball Cap

Baseball Cap: Yeah! :D

NahuelFire39: Well, that's how the new teams will be:

Equipos 4


NahuelFire39: As we are in the great, important and political U.S.A., the challenge is to draw how to knock down the wall of Donald Trompas.

School Blazer: N-no what is "Trump"?

NahuelFire39: I know, I call it that because it sounds funny to me xD

School Blazer: O_o

NahuelFire39: Anyway, you must draw your drawing on a computer. We go with the points again. You must do the best drawing or how you can, the scores will be from 1 to 10. You know, the team with the highest scores is saved from elimination.

NahuelFire39: One more thing, the extra point is that you can translate the drawing in Spanish if you want (only when that drawing has dialogues). You can also do comic-style if you want.

The challenge ends on 06/24.


NahuelFire39: Time to judge!

Team Devil Evil

Little Horn:

Way: 6/10 (I thought it was a good way to break the wall by making a hole, but the problem is, "What Little Horn did to create the hole", most likely I think I broke it, it was a Troll Bomb)

Drawing: 3/10 (I don't know much about what the drawing says, only Little Horn is shown next to the wall that has the hole, a combination of Photoshop *cough cough Google Drawings cough cough* and Copy paste)

Total: 9/20

Clock & 27: For_GUACAMOLE.png

NahuelFire39: You guys are very good friends, right?

Clock and 27: Yeah :)

NahuelFire39: Good!

Way: 8/10 (A very effective and powerful way to destroy a wall, the a eco, Ok?)

Drawing: 2/10 (Sincerely I do not know what to say. You made your drawing of canon and the wall very small. I did not like it very much, but the way to break it is saved.)

Total: 20/20

Random Viewer: WHY NAHUEL, WHY!?

NahuelFire39: Well...

Clock: 10/20

27: 10/20

So...= 20/20 lol

The French Angels

Gaster Blaster:

Way: 7/10 (This is better understood what you happen here, Gaster Blaster used his beam that had a name but I forgot...good idea G.B. 😉)

Drawing: 5/10 (Almost the same as Little Horn but a bit better [?])

Total: 12/20

Bubble Wand: Four%2C_Five_and_Six.png

Way: 0/10 (It is not said how they destroyed the Trompa's Wall, as simple as that.)

Drawing: 7/10 (Is nice)

Total: 7/20


Peppermint Lollipop

Way: 9/10 (Original and interesing, Good Job P.L. 😉)

Drawing: 0/10 (No drawing :P)

Total: 9/20

NahuelFire39: and the Score Results are...

Team Devil Evil: 29

The French Angels: 28

NahuelFire39: Wow, that was close, but equally, FINALLY Team Devil Evil wins immunity, while The French Angels, will go to its first elimination.

NahuelFire39: Strike to...Nemolee.exe and Pufferfishmax for not doing the challenge.

Elimination Time!

NahuelFire39: Welcome French Angels tof your first elimination, You know how work this, when this roulette falls/picks your names randomly, you're safe.

Bubble Wand: Ok, ok we already understand-

NahuelFire39: Aaaaand~ The person who is safe will receive prize as BFB or BFDI. And today's prize is...this *shows a green sign that says "I'M SAFE"

Peppermint Lollipop: Its nice.

NahuelFire39: I know, right? Well, we started NOW.

(Roulette falls in...Gaster Blaster)

Gaster Blaster: Good! *catch the green sign but with the mouth*

(Roulette falls in...Baseball Cap)

NahuelFire39: And Baseball Cap survive to be in other episodes more.

Baseball Cap: Cool~! *catch the green sign*

NahuelFire39: Well...this is between Bubble Wand and Peppermint Lollipop.

Bubble Wand, you could be eliminated for doing something that does not have much to do with the challenge.

and Peppermint Lollipop, you could be eliminated for not drawing the challenge.

and the last girl saved is...

(the roulette falls in ...)







Peppermint Lollipop.

Peppermint Lollipop: Wow! that was close but I saved myself! *catch the green sign*

Bubble Wand: Awww, how bad! :(

NahuelFire39: Sorry, but like I said, the roulette is Random.

Bubble Wand: Ok *goes to the door*

NahuelFire39: Last words before jumping?

Bubble Wand: I wish you good luck Baseball Cap!

Baseball Cap: Thank you very much! I hope you are well.

Bubble Wand: Do not worry I'll be * Nahuel pushes her out of the plane * Gooooooooooood!

Baseball Cap: BUBBLE WAND!

NahuelFire39: Sorry, time is time. Now we will see again in the next episode of GUACAMOLE...the reboot.

Episode 4: A tea for London


NahuelFire39: Welcome to GUACAMOLE the reboot!, this episode has another surprise, do you know what it is?

Little Horn: Kill someone?

Gaster Blaster: Eliminate Little Horn?

Baseball Cap: Bubble Wand rejoins?

NahuelFire39: No, No and Nope. Someone is going to debut!

All the teams: WHAT?!

NahuelFire39: Yes, someone is going to replace Red Test Tube.

Peppermint Lollipop: and...where is that person?

NahuelFire39: oh, yes, wait a second *Teleports Firey 114*

Firey 114: Yay! I'm here! :D

Little Horn: REALLY?! It is the same as Firey, but with a number and- *is interrupted by 27*

27: Hey Little Horn!

Little Horn: What?

27: I think I should be the new captain!

Little Horn: WHAT?! WHY?!

27: Well, last episode, you called my friend, Clock, to Weird!

Little Horn (whispering to himself): I seriously regret calling clock to weird...

27: Really?

Little Horn: NO! HAHA!

27: H-hey-

NahuelFire39: SILENCE! *Little Horn and 27 are silent*

Little Horn: 7_7

NahuelFire39: Anyway...,as the French Angels lost in the previous episode, Firey 114 will be on that team.

Firey 114: Yay!


NahuelFire39: We are in one of the places that Big Ben has and with a long bridge, and is the capital of England, LONDON!

NahuelFire39: In this challenge, you have to choose where a special and exclusive tea is, The London Tea.

Little Horn: Wow, what an original name (sarcasm)

NahuelFire39: oh shut up! *sigh*, well, the places where the London Tea could be hidden are:

  1. The Big Ben
  2. The Buckingham Palace
  3. The London Zoo

NahuelFire39: The team that mostly guessed correctly the place that was hidden "The London Tea" will have immunity.


Those who went to Big Ben were:

  • Firey 114 (from French Angels)
  • Little Horn (from Team Devil Evil)

Those who went to Buckingham Palace were:

  • Sunny (from Team Devil Evil) (So adorable X3)
  • Gaster Blaster (from French Angels)

Those who went to London Zoo were:

  • Peppermint Lollipop (from French Angels)
  • 27 (from Team Devil Evil)
  • Clock (from Team Devil Evil)

NahuelFire39: and the right place is...










The Buckingham Palace!

NahuelFire39: Wait, Sunny is on Team D.E. and Gaster Blaster is on Team F.A. ...and both are in that place (Buckingham Palace), that's a Draw!

All the contestants: *Gasp!*

NahuelFire39: But there is a way to tie-break!, Sunny and Gaster Blaster have to break the paper tape, the first to cut the tape, his team will have immunity.

Gaster Blaster: But I do not have arms-

Sunny: *Break the paper tape* Done~

NahuelFire39: And Team Devil Evil Wins again!, French Angels, I wait for you in the elimination.

NahuelFire39: Nemolee.exe have other Strike

Elimination Time!

NahuelFire39: Hello everyone, well let's know who will be eliminated this time, tell them how it works?

All members of French Angels: No-

NahuelFire39: Well~, when this roulette falls/picks your names randomly, you're safe.

NahuelFire39: Today's prize is: a plush version of you!

Peppermint Lollipop: Awww~ thats cute!

NahuelFire39: Yes Yes. well, the roulette!

(the roulette falls in...Firey 114)

NahuelFire39: Catch this! * throws the plush to Firey 114*

Firey 114: *The plush hits him but at least catches him* Thats me!

(the roulette falls in...Gaster Blaster)

Gaster Blaster: Phew! *The plush hits him* Ouch!

(Only Peppermint Lollipop and Baseball remain)

NahuelFire39: Well, you are left.

NahuelFire39: And the last safe is...











Peppermint Lollipop!

Peppermint Lollipop: Yay! *catch the plush*

Baseball Cap: Well, at least I'll be with Bubble Wand, I hope.

*Baseball Cap approaches the door*

Baseball Cap: Goodbye friends!

Gaster Blaster & Peppermint Lollipop: Goodbye!

*Baseball jumps out of the plane*

NahuelFire39: Well, another contestant out and another episode finished. Hopefully you liked this episode and see you next time at GUACAMOLE...the reboot.

Episode 5: Snow time!


NahuelFire39: We will go to one of the countries where Justin Bieber was born-

Fangirls of Justin Bieber: AHHHHH!! JUSTIN BIEBER! *they approach where Nahuel and the other contestants are*

NahuelFire39: Are you serious?! O_o

*A fangirl approaches and hugs Little Horn*

Fangirl of Justin Bieber: OH MY GOD IS JUSTIN BIEBER!

Little Horn: YOU ARE BLIND OR WHAT?! *Kill the Fangirl* much better! -_-

Gaster Blaster: Was it necessary to kill her?!


Sunny: Guys! Stop fighting!

Little Horn: Or what?

Sunny: Or...I-i will not be your friend!

Little Horn: I don't make friends with good people (except with Moneybags), then I don't care.

~ (While on another side) ~

Firey 114: Aww man! Why did i have to land in the losing team?

*Peppermint Lollipop appears*

Peppermint Lollipop: Hey, is something wrong? you look sad.

Firey 114: Our team lost and I'm worried about being a "losing team".

Peppermint Lollipop: Well, we hope to have more luck in this challenge.

Firey 114: Are you sure?

Peppermint Lollipop: Of course! There is no need to think about the future, right?

Firey 114: Yes, I guess..

Peppermint Lollipop: Are we going to go to the Host?

Firey 114: Good

*Peppermint Lollipop and Firey 114 go where NahuelFire39 is*



NahuelFire39: Well, since we're all here and that Little Horn killed all the fangirls of Justin Bieber.

Little Horn: Hehehehe~ >:)

NahuelFire39: This challenge will be to build a Ice statue!

Firey 114: a Ice statue?

NahuelFire39: Exactly! You must build your own Snowman. But first, we have to choose who will be the new leader of the French Angels team

(The spinner rotates and later fell into...Firey 114)

Firey 114: Yay!


NahuelFire39: You have to create your own ice statue. When you finish. I will have to choose the best ice statue of the "Team Devil Evil" and the team "French Angels". The team that has the best ice statue will have immunity (Challenge ends 9th of July)


Yosafire: And time to judge~!

Sunny: Who are you?

Yosafire: Well ~, I'm Yosafire, and I'm Nahuel's replacement.

Firey 114: Replacement?

Yosafire: Yes, they were personal reasons, that means I can tell them, I'm sorry :(

Sunny: Oh, I hope he's fine. :(

Yosafire: Yes, I know...


Little Horn: uh..HELLO? and the results?

Yosafire: O-oh, yeah, the results, we passed like-

Gaster Blaster: 5 or 6 Days? yes, we know.

Yosafire: Anyway, judging!

¡Judge Time!

~ Team Devil Evil ~

[Clock & 27]

Yosafire: Uhh...this is about building an ICE STATUE, not a snowman. So...nope, sorry~!

Clock & 27: Awww :(

[Little Horn]

Yosafire: Ohhh~ I ship it 7w7. Good~ Demon & Half-Demon!

Little Horn: Wait, SHIP IT?!

Results to Devil Evils:

Yosafire: Little Horn wins this easily, since its ICE STATUE, looks like a TRUE ICE STATUE.

Little Horn: HAHA! >:D

Clock & 27: >:(

~ The French Angels ~

[Gaster Blaster]

Yosafire: Good tribute to NahuelFire39. 😘

[Firey 114]

Yosafire: Firey 114 x Red Test Tube? Interesting 7w7. How is it possible that this Camp has several contestants to ship??

Results to French Angels:

Yosafire: It was a difficult choice, but I choose the statue of...










Firey 114!

~ Little Horn VS. Firey 114 ~

Yosafire: Well, this versus is between the ice statue of my friend Little Horn.

Little Horn: I'm not your friend-

Yosafire: AND the ice statue of Firey 114.

Yosafire: ¿Can win the "friendship" 7w7.

Little Horn: Stop

Yosafire: Or the Love?...