SGs, Team No-Name (BFDIA)

Team Ice Cube! (BFB)

Episode eliminated

Didn't make it to the Season (BFTDIBFDIAS)




Fries, Nickel, Spongy, Lollipop, Banjo


Baseball Cap, Ruby, Spray Bottle


Lime White (ODG)


In Good Ol' Contestants, Good Ol' Challenges, Gelatin tried out for the season because he was a BFDI(A) contestant. However, he did not participate in the season, being exiled with 3 votes.


Gelatin made it into the merge, and was useful early, but thanks to water, he couldn't compete in the merge challenges, and got eliminated.


Gelatin started the season swimming under the water. One person thought he drowned Pen when it was clearly not him. After a few mean acts and a loss for his team, Gelatin was voted off the next episode. The next episode he paid Sword so much money, that Sword let him back. Gelatin won the rest of the team challenges for his team, and helped Yellow Face rejoin the game. After winning all the other challenges, and setting up Yellow Face's second elimination, fans, contestants, and even Sword assumed that Gelatin was cheating. (which is actually true) In the final challenge, it was assumed that Masky was gonna be eliminated and Gelatin would advance to the finals, but he got what he deserved and was eliminated after falling in a ditch. In Season 2, he started the season safe from elimination, but once his team lost, he was voted off with 6 votes, mainly due to cheating in Season 1.


Gelatin made it into Object Dollar Game with the most votes, a total of 657.

Gelatin's Steakhouse

Main article: Gelatin's Steakhouse

Gelatin has a restaurant called Gelatin's Steakhouse.


“Fries, these fries are disgusting!”

”Yep! The Old S-Flipper strikes again!" (Inanimate School)
"So who is the host gonna be?" (Battle For Dream Island Again) Trivia

  • Gelatin, along with David and Firey are the only contestants to be immune to bugs, as said in the end of Zeeky Boogy Doog and in Insectophobe's Nightmare 2, respectively.
  • Gelatin has been seen with a freeze juice since Insectophobe's Nightmare 3.
  • Gelatin owns a restaurant known as Gelatin's Steakhouse, which was mentioned by Bubble in Get in the Van.
  • Gelatin is white in ODG. It is unknown that this is an error or not, but the creator said that Gelatin is lychee flavored in ODG. So it has been confirmed that it is NOT an error.

Names in other languages

  • Rau câu - Vietnamese
  • Gelatina - Spanish
  • Zselatin (also referred to Zselé) -- Hungarian


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