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Golf Ball
Golf Ball IDFB Introo




Golf ball


HVs, Squishy Oranges (BFOAS)

A Better Name Than That (BFB)

Squashy Grapes, Another Name (BFDI)

Episode eliminated

Tennis, My Ball


66th (17th in BFDI)


Tennis Ball, Rocky, Woody, Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Doorknob


Everyone else


Gray, white

Label (in BotR)

The Bossy Bot

Golf Ball (or GB for short) is a female contestant on Battle for Dream Island and Battle for Dream Island Again. At the beginning of the series, she was placed on the Squashy Grapes, but in episode 9, she was placed on the team Another Name. Golf Ball is very manipulative, and often manipulates people into doing what she says. She was an enemy of Snowball since episode 3 when she called his brain small. Golf Ball had received one vote at the first Cake at Stake, along with "Tennis Ball" and "Flower" out of seven. Golf Ball is normally known for her intelligence, as shown in episode 3 when she scored 19 out of 20 on the test. Golf Ball was eliminated in episode 11 when the Squishy Cherries chose to put Rocky on their team as opposed to her. Despite not getting enough votes to compete, at a meager 215 votes, the 31st highest before disqualifications were taken into account, InternPony707 picked her to compete again in BFDIA.

Fan Fiction


  • Gabrielle Ball (Opinduver)
  • Grace Hogan (KittyFan2004)

Where Golf Ball is From

  • Sun City West, Arizona (KittyFan2004)


  • March 28, 1993 (KittyFan2004)


GB debuted in the 2nd Debut, and was a good contestant, but was bossy, and got eliminated in the double elimination with Bomby.

Super Dumb Objects

She and Tennis Ball made a cameo in SDO. Sword asked them to do the challenge although they didn't sign up. Golf Ball had to remind Sword that they didn't sign up.

Best of the Rest

As Best of the Rest is coming in 2018, nothing is known about Golf Ball competing in this object show, except that she, along with the rest of the twenty contestants, were confirmed to be in it.


  • Golf Ball originally didn't make it in BFDIA, but was chosen by InternPony707.
  • She might have a crush on Tennis Ball, or possibly the other way around.
  • Golf Ball might have a rough chilldhood
  • She may be friends with Pingpong Ball.


Names in other languages

  • Golf Topu - Turkish
  • Minge de golf - Romanian
  • pelota de golf - Spanish
  • כדור גולף - Hebrew
  • ゴルフボール - Japanese