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Ice Cube
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Ice Cube




RFVP: Book, Match, Pencil, Bubble, Ruby, Bow, Marshmallow, Apple, Drumstick, Ghosty, Toothpaste, Butterfly, Spongy, Leafy, Lucky (love interest), Wheely, Speech Bubble, Mysterious Token


Book, Firey, Pin (BFDIA 5e), Needle, Leafy (BFDI)


Pin (until The Long-lost Yoyle City), Coiny, Leafy (BFDIA), Flower, Blocky, Snowball, her voters, Evil Leafy


BFDI: 7th (9 votes)


Ice Cube is a female contestant. In RFVP, she is an alliance member of Pencil's and is currently a team member in the Yoylecakes. In BFMT, she is an alternate member of Pencil's and is currently a team member of the Firm Fruits. In BFST, she's a contestant on Squishy Cherries. In TOM, she has no team, quit the girls' alliance, and had no lines. In TNOH, she was one of the 5 people on team white. In TBFDIWP, she was on Team Yoylecake.

Personality Edit

She does not talk much though but she's very vengeful, and succeeds in her revenge. She also frequently uses repeated lines over and over, her newest line being in BFDIA 5a, when she said "I WANT TO GO TO MATCH'S DANCE PARTY TOO!".


Ice Cube was the last debuter, but didn't get far, as she fell off the balance beam because Steven did.

Trivia Edit

  • She and Leafy are enemies in BFDIA.
  • Ice Cube is the first character ever to kill someone in an object show.
  • In BFDI, as described by Leafy answering questions in the ICRC 2.0., Ice Cube dimensions are 8x9x11, she is composed of tap water, and her personality is quiet and revengeful.
    • However, these dimensions would made her a prism, instead of a cube.
  • Ice Cube made a cameo in Object Division, when Toilet said "I see". (Icy).

Names in other languages Edit

  • Đá viên - Vietnamese
  • Eiswürfel - German
  • Buz Küpü - Turkish
  • Cubo De hielo - Spanish
  • Glacon - French
  • Aisukyubu - Japanese

Gallery Edit

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