It was 2 hours before Cake at Stake - well, I wasn't up for elimination, so I didn't even need to turn up. That's right, I turned around and noticed Match and Pencil talking about me for the TENTH time, being a big yellow squishy contestant I was always made fun of. If only I has arms, I would have tied there feet together with their shoelaces - only I didn't have arms - and they didn't have laces. That's a shame - it would be fun to see Match and Pencil fall on their faces OVER and OVER again. 

Match and Pencil have NO problem that I'm standing right there, they know I won't do anything, or do they? I was just about to come up with a genius plan but THEN Eraser came, Match spun round and kissed him. SHE KISSED ERASER - I NEARLY DIED. No, just kidding - Match has done that to Eraser loads of times, and each time Gelatin gets really jelious, well, that's what he gets for pushing me off Puffball - then I get possessed by Evil Leafy. But I've seen Leafy and Firey kiss each other - each time Leafy burns herself, and dies. Firey starts crying like a big baby and kills himself with his own tears. All along Coiny is rolling on the floor laughing - of course he would do that. 

Since Match and Pencil are always talking about me time to talk about THEM. Well, for starters, Match is a huge cheater, Firey's announcer is just too dumb to figure that it's not a tree, it's a Match Stick with some Gelatin sqaushed onto to her head. I guess Pencil betrayed her alliance - she voted for Ice Cube to be eliminated, and she didn't vote Bubble to win. Yeah - I came 5th place in BFDI, that's better then Match and Pencil, HA! And Match is eliminated and Pencil probably will be too. HA!

Time for Cake at Stake, let's see, BANG! Match is eliminated - how nice! Wait, hold on, NO! She came back down with this rope that her lovely girlfriend tied! Woah, I'm glad they didn't hear that - they'd be really steamed.