• Credits to Rj3ful 1 For the Idea!

This Inanimate insanity (2) Hurt and heal! you can Hurt or Heal Once Per day. Max health is 10. Everyone is Starting with 5 lives. Pick only one who you want to heal and Hurt.

Character Lives Place
Bow 10 TBA
Fan 10 TBA
Test Tube 9 TBA
Suitcase 9 TBA
Cheesy 8 TBA
Baseball 7 TBA
Tissues 7 TBA
Marshmallow 8 TBA
Knife 7 TBA
Paper 7 TBA
Orange juice 6 TBA
Yin-Yang 6 TBA
Lightbulb 6 TBA
Nickel 5 TBA
Paintbrush 4 TBA
Bomb 4 TBA
Soap 4 TBA
Pickle 5 TBA
Apple 5 TBA
Balloon 7 TBA
Taco 2 TBA
Microphone OUT 22th
Box OUT 23th
Pepper OUT 24th
Dough OUT 25th
Salt OUT 26th
Trophy OUT 27th

SquishyGraperBFDI Have permission to edit that :)

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