MePhone: So, contestants, are you ready to see who has been eliminated?

Marshmellow: Yes I am! And by that, I mean ready to see Apple being eliminated!

Apple: GRR!!! It's going to be Marshmellow!

Fan: Actully, due to the Marshmellow fans around the world there is no possible way Marshmellow can be eliminated!

MePhone: And that is correct! Marshmellow, Test Tube and Fan are all safe! And the prizes is Water Bottles!

Fan: Oh thank goodness

Marshmellow: HAHA I'm safe and you're not Apple!

Apple: GRR!!

Lightbulb: That's not so bright, right?

MePhone: Despite how ANNOYING you are Lightbulb, you are the next one safe.

Lightbulb: Oh yay!

MePhone: Now Apple and Paintbrush, one of you is ELIMINATED!

Paintbrush: Yeah, in what way can I be eliminated?

Apple: What? The bottom 2?

MePhone: MePad, show the votes!

(MePad shows the voted which is Paintbrush at 1298 and Apple at 1862.)

Apple: WHAT?!

Paintbrush: YES!

Marshmellow: That's what you deserve for betraying me!

Apple: Wait! Before I leave, what does being eliminated mean?

(Marshmellow pushes Apple into the rejection portal.)


all done! So, post in the comments belpw if you thought this prediction was good or not..

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