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Leafy BFDI





Epicka Drużyna (OA)

Squashy Grapes (BFDI)

Beep (BFB)


Katty, Kitty, Windows Logo, Error, Nyan Cat, Firey (possible love interest), Bubble (One-sided), Pin (Before Episode 25), Needle, Announcer (One-sided)


TBA (Object Theater)

4th (BFDIA [606 votes to join])

18th (BFDI [Age1135's Way])

2nd (BFDI)

Episode Eliminated

BFDI: Return of the Hang Glider (236 Votes to Win)

BFDI (Age1135's Way):Sweet Tooth


Blocky, Announcer (One-sided), Bubble (One-sided), Pin (After Episode 25)

Team Islanders

Leafy's Team

Leafy, is a female on Team Islanders in Ultimate Objects, but switched teams with Paintbrush in Episode 2. Leafy is an original BFDI contestant. She was the team captain of the Squashy Grapes, getting her first vote in Episode 10. She is commonly known as the original overly nice character, going out of her way and even giving up immunity to help others. She made it to the finale, being one of three contestants to never enter the TLC (along with Bubble and Firey) and one of five contestants to never have a chance of rejoining the game (along with Bubble, Firey, Rocky, and Ice Cube). In the end, she placed second, and was the only contestant Firey didn't allow on Dream Island. She stole Dream Island as revenge, but was saved from execution by Firey. Leafy is also a contestant in This Way Out Official's Object Theater.

Fan fiction


  • Leanne Antoniou (BluJayPJ)
  • Letica Fransisco (NLG343)


  • After the finale of BFDI, most of her friends have became her enemies, due to her stealing Dream Island.
    • Although in BFB she is seen to be friends with a lot of characters in the show.
  • There is a game called Leafy.exe, where Leafy is usually the person chasing a few of the contestants.


Names in other languages

  • Lá cây - Vietnamese
  • ใบไม้ - Thai
  • Yaprak - Turkish
  • リーフィー - Japanese
  • Листовой - Russian
  • Hojita - Spanish

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