Light Blue Stick


Light Blue stick is Rhinobuddroblox's Main OC
Light blu stick

Idle much.

About Light Blue stick

Light Blue has arms and legs. He is very nice until someone prevokes him. His favorite color happens to be Pink.


  • Light Blue has about 23 brothers and sisters (As seen in Rhinobuddroblox's ABOS camp)
  • Light Blue happens to be the smartest Stick out of all,second being invisible.
  • Light Blue only emotions are:Happy,sad,mad,and Crazy.
  • Light blue has the shortest jump range of 4 inches.
  • Light Blue Stick's idle is different in Brawl for Cookie Castle compared to the rest of his appearances in camps. In BFCC, his idle is in 3D.
  • LBS is also a contestant on Twisted Turns.

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