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-12- Marker




Family, Free Food (BFB), Fansblog (GMOS)


Pen, Blocky, Eraser. Crayon


Ruby, David


Purple, white

Marker is a Contestant on BFSP, Ultimate Objects, and BFB. He is on Team Outcast (UO) and Team Saturn Stars (BFSP) and was in the BFDI's 30 recommended characters that could have join the show, but he didn't with only 9 votes.

Fan ficiton

Battle for Wish Bush (only PartyTime808 and InsanipediaObjectMadnessWiki can edit this description)- On October 1st, 2012, Marker was brought to the world as an armless person, and gained arms in some way later in that month. He had a sister named Orange Marker who was deceased somewhere in 2013. He somehow got a tattoo on his arm, showing his greed for immunity.


Marker was one of the 30 recommended characters that could've join the game, but he got 9 votes along with Dora and Taco. And they were sent into the Locker of Losers. He also had a chance at joining BFDIA, but failed with only 109 votes, placing 41st, and he was sent into the Locker of Losers Again. He still has a chance to join in IDFB.