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"I'm trying to get to the top although there is no top." Eraser said again, he kept his eyes glued to the screen.

"Eraser, can I ask you something?" Match said sweetly.

"No," Eraser said. "I'm busy."

Match leaned closer to Eraser. "Would you be my boyfriend and go on a date with me?" she said quickly.

Eraser finally looked up from the screen, and stared at Match.

"Well?" Match said.

Eraser didn't know what to say. Blocky and Pen have been telling him for ages that Match had a crush on him, Eraser didn't believe them. 

"Well...I would, but it' for Cake at Stake." Eraser stuttered.

"But we're not up for elimination," Pencil interrupted.

"Well, um..." Eraser searched his mind for another excuse, and felt Match's arms wrap around his body. Eraser turned bright red.