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This is A Story About A Name and his 8 Object Freinds

Chapter 1: The Beggining


I Said as my alarm clock started whiring.

In Fact, I Don't Even Know Why i Have one.

I Don't Have A Job, I Have Barley any money, And Only have a small TV, and small laptop, A Couch, a bed and an Apartment.

I Decide to take a walk becuase i am as Fat As Spongy from BFDI

I Jump into my clothes and Slowly brush me teeth with a stick and some paste i found outside.

As i walk outside i Sigh and start joging to get some exersize

I Slowly walk down a street alley about 7  minutes later.

As I Reach the end i see something.

" Its A Box" I Said To myself, But something was attrackting me to it

I Slowly started walking to it.

I Then Heard some sort of Screexhing that Peirced my Ears!


I Was About to kick the Box,  but then i heard whining

I Slowly aproched the box...

I Opened it.... and then...WHAT?!

Chapter 2: The Discovery

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