Rj3ful 1 for the idea of Hurt and Heal

Object Mayhem owned by UltraToons

All contestants begin with 5 points.

The maximum amount of points = 14.

Can only hurt and heal every 12 hours

107 read.

Character Lives Place Final Hit By
Lego 14 TBA TBA
Phone 10 TBA TBA
Notebook 10 TBA TBA
Sharpener 9 TBA TBA
Dice 9 TBA TBA
Tune 8 TBA TBA
Mirror 7 TBA TBA
Jigsaw 7 TBA TBA
Cupcake 7 TBA TBA
Ice Cream 6 TBA TBA
Bouncy Ball 5 TBA TBA
Donut EATEN!!! 12th KirbyRider
Camera CAUGHT! 13th Donovan0219
Burrito WRAPPED!!! 14th Satanchu
Mailbox SHIPPED!!! 15th KirbyRider
Toast BURNT!!! 16th ChillyFreeze
Gun SHOT!!! 17th Teal3400
Button BROKEN!!! 18th KirbyRider

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