This quiz was made by TheACTUALBFDIfanevertoexist101. Feel free to add you're own questions! :D Here are the questions. :3

On a scale from 1-10, how would you rate BFDI(A)?

TheACTUALBFDIfanevertoexist101: 10!

TBFOBFDI(A): 670,467,494,276,427,427.7497282501670461004727!

Thefreesmarter: infinity!!!

Satanchu: Infinity to the 1,000,000,000 power!

Do you like to draw?

TheACTUALBFDIfanevertoexist101: Yes.


Thefreesmarter: of course! :3

Satanchu: Yeah.

Do you like making fan fictions?

TheACTUALBFDIfanevertoexist101: Yeah.


Thefreesmarter: Yup! Yup! Yup! It's for you guys :3

Satanchu: If I didn't, I wouldn't have made one!

How cool is TheACTUALBFDIfanevertoexist101?

TBFOBFDI(A): On a scale from 1-10, I vote... 36.2!

Thefreesmarter: extra cool!!!

Satanchu: Beyond cool.

How cool is The Best Fan Of BFDI(A)! (TBFOBFDI(A)) ?

TheACTUALBFDIfanevertoexist101: Hm... from a scale from 1 to 10.. OVER 9 THOUSAND OVER A GOOGOLPLEX!

Thefreesmarter: Too cool!!! <3

Satanchu: Beyond.

How cool is Fsmarter bfdia (Thefreesmarter bfdia in full name!)?

TBFOBFDI(A): TooooooOOOOOOO[>>x2]00000000[>]OOOOOOoooo coooOOOOOOoooL! (<3 too, :P)


Satanchu: BHEEIYEONDUH KIEWOUEL!! :-D (Beyond cool)

List all of your characters here!

TheACTUALBFDIfanevertoexist101: Colored Pencil, Germy, Slimy, Money, Grow, Shrink, Plate, Stan, Steve. To Thefreesmarter bfdia, how about TFS or TFSBFDIA?

TBFOBFDI(A): I don't want that you pass out when I would have said to you the ZO-MUCH of characters that I created, thus, I decided not to say them...

Thefreesmarter bfdia (do u guys know how to shorten my name): Toothpaste, Drumstick, Butterfly, Ghosty, Wheely, Lucky (Speech Bubble and Mysterious token + the BFDI and II belog to their respective ownerz)

Satanchu: Yoyleberry, Clover, Cauliflower, Signy, Souly, Trowel, Pyramid, Framey, Cheese Grater, Mushroom, Nuke, Fix-it Felix, and more that I haven't listed...

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