Contestants Are From BFDI(A), II(2), OU, OT, CTW, OO And BOTO.

Character Lives Place
Ice Cream (OU) 10 TBA
Gelatin 10 TBA
Knife 10 TBA
Roboty 12 TBA
Dough 7 TBA
Spongy 11 TBA
Lego (OM) 14 TBA
Bubble 11 TBA
Atlas 10 TBA
Rocky 10 TBA
Blocky 10 TBA
Butter 7 TBA
Jigsaw 10 TBA
Party Hat (BOTO) 12 TBA
Hammer 8 TBA
Boom box 10 TBA
Fat Alien 10 TBA
Yin-Yang 9 TBA
Star (CTW) 11 TBA
Big Orange Chicken 10 TBA
Donut (BFDIA) 10 TBA
Book 11 TBA
Marsh mellow 10 TBA
Pear 10 TBA
Television (OO) 10 TBA
Casey 13 TBA
Top Hat (OO) 2 TBA

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