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  • His user was put up for re-signups(original user)
Contestant Team Reason
Microphone-TheJiggs12* Teamless No Clue.
Balloon- FallingUpStars* Raging Rhinos His character was unpopular and old user closed account.
Soap- ShinyStoutland Raging Rhinos Her user actually wanted to be eliminated.
Tissues- MisterVictoriy Team Chocolate Cherry Bombs Floater.
Baseball- lookadistraction88 Raging Rhinos Not Eliminated
Marshmallow- bowserjr2215 Raging Rhinos Not Eliminated
Lightbulb- thegreenskyofbfdi Raging Rhinos Not Eliminated
Yin Yang- CommentingEevee Raging Rhinos Not Eliminated
Cherries- hugatree343 Team Chocolate Cherry Bombs Not Eliminated
Test Tube- Retro Guy Team Chocolate Cherry Bombs Not Eliminated
Nickel-elfireball42 Team Chocolate Cherry Bombs Not Eliminated
Paintbrush- WhaiJay* Team Chocolate Cherry Bombs Not Eliminated
Paper- taopwnh6427 Team Chocolate Cherry Bombs Not Eliminated
Box- PixelatedIndustries Team Chocolate Cherry Bombs Not Eliminated
Knife- co1669 Flaming Knives Not Eliminated
Fan- Mojoguy109 Flaming Knives Not Eliminated 
Suitcase- DeeandEd Flaming Knives Not Eliminated 
Cheesy- inferernapeyful Flaming Knives Not Eliminated
Apple- TacoBurger22 Flaming Knives

Not Eliminated

Trophy- Austin Harris Flaming Knives Not Eliminated
OJ- TheAwesomeYellow Flaming Knives Not Eliminated

Inanimate Insanity 2 1A03:01

Inanimate Insanity 2 1A






This is a camp by Rj3ful1 where 19 contestants (21 now)  compete for money.

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