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Rocky Pose (1)






BFDI: Squashy Grapes, Squishy Cherries, Another Name
BFDIA: Team No-Name

Episode eliminated

BFDI: Don't Pierce My Flesh


BFDI: 6th


Spongy, Tennis Ball, Snowball, Leafy, Golf Ball, Fries, Puffball, Firey, Book (possibly), Pin, Woody, Barf Bag


Teardrop, Firey Speaker Box, Pencil



Rocky is a male contestant in Battle for Dream IslandBattle for Dream Island Again, and Battle for BFDI. While he does originally speak in the first episode, he reverts to the single word "bulleh" while barfing at the same time in Episode 4, and stayed like that for the rest of the first season. (At the final episode of the season, it turns out that he has an infinite matter generator in his mouth, so he could barf when he wanted to). He talks again in Rescission. Unless upset, he is always seen with an abnormally large permanent smile on his face.

He was the team leader for Another Name in episodes Insectophobe's Nightmare and Crybaby!, and a member of each team at some point in the game. One disadvantage of the barf is that most of the time, it ends up on someone's face (Tennis Ball, Spongy, etc.) However, it can prove to be useful as seen in A Leg Up In The Race, as he barfed his way up to the top of the ladder, while in Don't Lose Your Marbles, he barfed up red balls for himself and Tennis Ball, and in Rescission he vomited his way across the gorge. Alternately, he sometimes tends to mess up challenges, as seen in Barriers and Pitfalls; he broke the lift, and in Bridge Crossing, he broke the first bridge. In the series, he has shown to like Tennis Ball by calling him "My good ol' friend", and by choosing him as the first person on Another Name. Rocky was eliminated in episode 22 with 319 votes, being only 7 votes ahead of Flower. Rocky joined BFDIA with 1,008 votes, the most out of everyone.


Rocky is a friendly competitor but is quite annoying with the vomit and all those stuff. He started barfing since episode 4 of BFDI until the last episode of BFDI.

He would barf on anything or anyone if he desires to and sometimes it's proven to be useful, especially in The Rescission when his barf made him got immunity. He placed 6th, with 319 votes in elimination.

In BFDI(A), Rocky got the most votes to join BFDIA at a total of 1,004 votes. He is placed in Team No-Name and agreed to never switch.

In IDFB, Rocky gets his barfing habits back. It is unknown how he got his barf back.

In BFB, Rocky is placed into Beep. Rocky barfed on Leafy when Cloudy is trying to bring the basket back to X.


In the Inanimate Insanity episode, One-Shot Wonder, Rocky made a cameo during the slingshot challenge and he acts like an obstacle.


Human Names

  • Ralph Hummel (Opinduver)
  • Matthew Wise (born Mary Wise) (KittyFan2004)
  • Rocky Woody ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Jacob Mackenzie (ImFictionalAdmin)

Where Rocky is From

  • Colorado Springs, Colorado (KittyFan2004)
  • Coeur d'Alene, Idaho (moved to Denver, Colorado at age 4) (U4Again)


  • December 30, 2005 (KittyFan2004)
  • December 14, 2004 (U4Again)


  • Rocky doesn't say anything in BFDIA.
  • Rocky forgot how to speak in Episode 4 of BFDI.
  • Rocky temporarily speaks again in Episode 19.
  • If you don't count Spongy's rejoin, then Rocky is the last male and armless contestant to be eliminated in BFDI.
    • If you also don't count Flower's rejoin, then Rocky is the last contestant to be eliminated in BFDI.
  • He is the second shortest and smallest contestant out of everyone, only Firey Jr. is smaller than him.
    • He is also the smallest contestant out of everyone in the first season.
  • He is the only male team captain in BFDI.
    • He is also the only armless team captain in BFDI.


Names in other languages

صخري - Arabic

ժայռոտ - Armenian

石頭 - Chinese

Rockeux - French

Stein / Rocky - German

ロッキー - Japanese

불안정한 - Korean

Rochoso - Portuguese

Rocoso - Spanish

Đá - Vietnamese

Kamień/Kamieniowy - Polish

Roccia - Italian