How to be signed up

Show by Me AKA Cedricblocks

Okay please do not edit this without permission and no one has permission yet thanks

Sign Ups Over

5 BFDI| 5 II| 5 II2| 4 My OC,s| 4 Object universe| 2 Brawl of the objects| 2 BFDI

First 5 to sign up get: Immunity tokens     

Tokens here:

Challenge here:

Host: Bucket (like in all my shows)

Contestant User
Firey QPEpic
Bubble Lich22
Ice Cube Jcharlesk
Pen NoNameUltimate
Eraser SquashyGraperBFDI (Immunity token)
Fries Realcodyjnutt
Balloon Teal3400 (Immunity Token)
Tissues Matthewvp73
Yin-Yang Aiden11271 (Immunity Token)
Suite Case Sciency
Trophy Teamdarkfan4
Carmex Satanchu (Immunity Token)
Lip Balm Bunnymund ROTG
Megaphone Yoyle Jefferson (Immunity Token)
Magnify Glass LiganTM
T.V. ElementalRaccoon
Map KirbyRider
Pizza Professor Yoylecake

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