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This is my new show! :D Survival of Insane!

15 contestants from Inanimate Insanity compete in scary, creepy and disgusting challenges! The location is in a haunted castle! :O

Well, this is my show in the wiki, because I don't have a YouTube account.

So yeah, this show is on this wiki!

Survival of Insane Episode 1 - Wanna be Insane?

MePhone4: Hello guys, and welcome to Survival of Insane! There are 15 contestants. They are fighting for 6 million dollars! So, it's time for the first challenge!

Apple: What the hell is a cha-

MePhone4: The first challenge is to find a lost key! If you find a key, then you can you choose 2 people to have immunity! Now, let's go!

Nickel: Where's the key? WHERE'S THE KEY??

Nickel (in confessional): It's not easy to find it!

Balloon: Hmm... maybe in the bedroom?

  • 20 minutes later*


MePhone4: Congratulations! Now you can choose 2 contestants to have immunity!

OJ: Hmmm... Pickle and Taco!

MePhone4: Okay, the 3 contestants are in the immunity zone. Now, lets see who's eliminated! Vote now!


Nickel: I vote for Knife, he's stupid and he's a bully, which sucks!

Knife: I vote for Marshmallow, she's acting quite stupid.

Balloon: Knife is outta here!

Salt and Pepper: Knife! He is retarded!

Confessionals end

MePhone4: Okay, if you're eliminated, you can choose a room. And inside the room, there's anything able to kill you. So, OJ, Pickle and Taco are in the immunity zone, and all are safe, however, Knife and Marshmallow aren't. The contestant who is eliminated iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis..................................................................................................................................................................................................................... Knife!

Knife: WHAT!?!

MePhone4: Time to choose a room to be killed inside, Knife!

Knife: *chooses a room with deathly spikes* AAAAAAAAH! *gets killed*

MePhone4: So, find out who's next eliminated! At SURVIVAL OF INSANE!!!!!!!!

coming February 4th!

Episode 2 - Take It Off:

Baseball: *dreaming* NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE DON'T KILL ME!!!

Paper: *wakes Baseball up* You're just dreaming, a__hole!

Baseball in confessional: Wow, that was mean!


Salt: But it's midni-

MePhone4: The first challenge for you guys is a quiz challenge. The 2 contestants who lose the challenge will be killed in one room! Here's the questions:

  1. 1. What happens to Knife?
  2. 2. Who's dumb?

Ask it now!

Baseball: Knife gets spiked and Apple is dumb!

Apple: HEY!

MePhone4: WOW!! O_O 2 questions are correct!

*17 minutes of pathetic failure later...*

MePhone4: Well, the questions have been asked, but I guess I will eliminate 3 people!

Everyone: *gasp* WHAT!?! D:

MePhone4: Pepper, Balloon and Paper are eliminated! So you three people have to go inside the room with the worst TV show ever! So those are in. Stay tuned for the next episode of-

Apple: Yeah yeah, I know it!

Episode 3 - Killing Girl

Salt: Hey OJ!

OJ: Yeah?

Salt: I love you!


Bomb: W-w-w-w-when i-i-i-i-is th-th-th-the ne-ne-ne-next cha-cha-cha-

MePhone4: The next challenge will be find out who the killer girl is!

And if you know who she is, she will be killed! And a contestant will return to the game on episode 4!


MePhone4: Let's start!

Nickel: Hey Baseball, I know who the killer is! I haven't see her!

Baseball: You're right, boy! :D Let's find her!

?????: And you know that...

Apple: WAS ME!!! >:)

MePhone4S: I'll kill you! *shoots Apple*

Apple: *gets killed and dies*

MePhone4: So, Apple gets killed! so, Nickel and Baseball are in the immunity zone!

So stay tuned for the next episode! Please give me challenge ideas!

Episode 4 - Key Failure

Elimination order or gets killed!

cast: ep. 1 ep. 2 ep. 3 ep. 4 ep. 5 ep. 6 ep. 7 ep. 8 ep. 9 ep. 10 ep. 11 ep. 12 ep. 13 ep. 14 ep. 15
Balloon IN OUT Returns
Pepper IN OUT
Pickle I.Z IN IN
Taco I.Z IN IN
Baseball IN WIN I.Z
Knife OUT Returns
Lightbulb IN IN IN
Marshmallow IN IN IN
Nickel IN IN I.Z
Paintbrush IN IN IN
Paper IN OUT Returns

ep.1.15th - Knife

ep.2.12th/13th/14th - Balloon/Pepper/Paper

ep.3.11th - Apple (was the killer who killed MePhone4)

ep.4.10th - Salt

(Knife returns!!)

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