Symbol Is An Object With Two Personalities. Unlike Yin-Yang, She Is From The Metal Asylum And Suffers Turning Evil When Hurt Or Insulted.


Sym Is A Shy And Cowardly Object. She Runs Away From Anybody Near Her.


Sym Used To Be Symbol, Until Bowl, A Dead Object, Was In Her Grave Sucking Her Evil Soul In Sym. She Is Insane And Loves To Kill.

Object Shows

YOU Have Permission To Add Her To Any Show! Just Tell Me So I Can Add To List!


There Are 3 Inspirations For This Object.

  • 1 Monster DotEXE Remix.
  • 2 Venturian Tubes Gamer When He Is Hit, He Goes Murderous And Crazy.     


  • 3 Yin-Yang OBVIOUSLY!

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