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Another OAE Pose

"I hate BFDI Humanized, so don't smack me in the nuts with a Wii-mote. Okie dokie?" - Oreo-And-Eeyore
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  • Do not re-add a previously deleted thing, you will get 2 strikes for this.
  • Locking the page is clearly unnaceptable. Anyone who gets caught doing this will recieve 3 strikes. 
  • TSSES Contestants are only allowed in this free-add. 
  • Get 10 strikes and you're banned from editing this page until OAE or Laurantis messages you.
  • Have fun!

Other info

  • The creator does not own many characters seen in the comic. All credit is given to the creators and the people's OCs.
  • This is not meant to offend anyone, it was only made for fun.


  • OCs: The Laurantis
  • Idea:

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