The Battle For Equestria Island is a special episode of BFDI and BFDIA, and is included on the DVD for BFDI.


The Announcer has felt a lot bored without the cast from both BFDI shows. So he reunites the 32 inanimate objects with a letter to be in a special contest to win a new island. The Announcer and cast go through a weird mirror to get to the contest, where everyone becomes a human, and when Snowball realizes, he screams "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Flower and Coiny have a fight, so do Snowball and Golf Ball. And then the Announcer finally changes the people back into inanimate objects. The contest is in 7 parts. The old teams named Squashy Grapes, Squishy Cherries, and Team No-Name are brought back, but there's a new 4th team named Crunchy Apples who just started right away. The 1st part of the contest involves magic, whoever made the better spell to open the door wins the part. After that Book has an unreasonable relationship with Twilight Sparkle. Part 2 of the contest has apples, and how much trees you could kick from the Goiky Canal. Part 3 has the fashion, whoever made better clothing won. Part 4 has to deal with a soccer game with Rainbow Dash, if anyone scored better, that object wins. Part 5 has the ability to throw a better party. The team who did wins. Part 6 involves taming a bear, where Bubble popped and is remade in the Bubble Recovery Center tons of times, the better bear tamer won. Before part 4 started, Flower was mad walking through the halls of the Canterlot High School where she found Sunset Shimmer, an enemy of Twilight. The two form an alliance and are needing to kill the other inanimate objects. After part 6, the first five to finish each got a Win Token, and Bubble won. When she tried to get to the island, she got popped by Flower and Sunset, who threatened the others that they would trap them at Canterlot High forever. A large fight erupted with Flower going Super Sayain, and Sunset turning into a demon. Both four teams ran in fear, except for Blocky, Pin, Bubble, Coiny, and Needle who accidentaly popped Bubble, who got remade. The five get Snowball to the fight, and use the Elements of Harmony, which could possibly end this terror, which was the 7th part. It did work, but Flower learns that she cheated and fell in last place, and also tried to crush the Announcer with the Announcer Crusher Version 3, but Golf Ball stopped it by standing under it, SOMEHOW. The machine exploded and Flower flew away. The objects (even Flower) go back through the mirror, but accidentally become humans again. The Announcer turned them back again, and tells them that Equestria Island does not exist, so Fiery destroys the ARC and kills Announcer. Then he sends Bubble to the actual prize island, lets everyone on the island, and have a new life there.

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